Chen Yiqiao: After political grinding, the charm "Nuru can support a piece of heaven"

2024-02-22 16:30:34 breaking news

At the same time,全球资讯 Dr. Chen Yiqiao, Chairman of the Justice Party Disciplinary Committee, also said that racial topics have never been a problem for the Justice Party.

Chen Yiqiao: All political parties will be assigned

She does not deny that all political parties will be assigned by the party, and the party is no exception.Therefore, there may be some leaders standing at different camps, and they will feel marginalized.

However, she did not feel that the non -witch party members and leaders in the party were marginalized.

In her opinion, whether it is grass -roots or branches, the party members of the witch, Chinese, and Indian descent cooperation are well cooperated, and there is no circumstances that must be marginalized.

"That is to say, Malay people may resist you because you come from different camps, but not because you are Chinese, you can resist you, especially in the leadership, I think there will be no such situation."

Chen Yiqiao said that the Malays of the Justice Party are basically enlightened, and they are not ethnic -based consciousness such as UMNO.

"I believe that if there is such a feeling (marginalized), I believe it is the issue of its own political faction."

In response to Selangor, some members were dissatisfied. She believed that there may be no Chinese fair party members in the state executives.But this is also because appointment of executives also has its restrictions, such as Malays need more than Chinese.

Among the quotas of Chinese descent, the location of the Action Party needed to be retained, so it turned out to be a cup of cake.

In response to the positions of local councils and the position of the village chief, they were "given to" UMNO, Chen Yiquan said that it was previously the DAP, the Justice Party, and the Integrity Party to divide these quotas, but now there are more UmnoSome positions have to be divided into them, so there must be fewer positions.

She believes that UMNO is also one of the members of the unity government, so the party leaders cannot give it to UMNO regardless of some positions.

Earlier, there were reports that a member of the Justice Party who did not want to be named said that the Justice Party did not nominate any Chinese and Indian people in Penang, Selangor and Samilland.President in parliament.