"Ninth Ninth Global Diplomat's Night of Chinese Culture" was successfully held in Beijing

2024-02-22 00:10:41 real time news


  On December 7, 2023, the "Ninth Global Diplomacy Chinese Culture Night" with the theme of "coexistence of civilization, the people's hearts communicate with each other, and work together to achieve common development and prosperity" ended perfectly in Beijing.Officials and Chinese entrepreneurs attended the event.

  Based on China, facing the world, the "Night of Global Diplomats in China" has been transformed from ideas to action in the development and endurance of nine consecutive years.Western trade, emerging technology and other fields have carried out effective cooperation.Empowering the internationalization of urban internationalization and the globalization of corporate globalization!

The members of the organizing committee jointly cut the cake ceremony for the ninth anniversary

  At the scene of the event, Secretary -General Xu Yunzu said in his speech that the global diplomat's Chinese culture night has held an excellent platform to understand Chinese culture and carry out multi -party cooperation for many years in China. Here you can feel that you can feel hereCommunication and collisions from different cultures around the world have no discrimination and no struggle.Lookwe has played an important role in the field of global cultural exchanges for many years. The people of the world need more exchanges and understanding, recognize each other, cooperate with each other, and share the honor!

Xu Yunzu, Secretary -General of the Organizing Committee, delivered a speech on the spot

  The ceremony kicked off in the solemn national anthem and ushered in the solemn ritual of rotating chairmen.The rotating chairman Serbia Ambassador to China, Maria Stefanovic, said that the "Global Diplomat's Night of Chinese Culture Nights" activities actually played a role in unblocking consensus, concentration wisdom, and gathering power in 2023.President Wang Yan awarded the "Global Diplomat's Chinese Culture Night Organizing Committee Rotating Chairman" to the Ambassador Serbian Ambassador.

  Play the national anthem scene

Rotating chairman transfer ceremony

  As a platform for Chinese and foreign exchanges, the most glorious moment of the ceremony belongs to the awards session of the night.This year, the Organizing Committee has set up the Awards for Friendship with Friendly Exchanges. The organizing committee advocates that the fellows of the same way to spread the positive energy culture and promote multilateral friendly exchanges.

A messenger to foreign and friendly exchanges

  As a global diplomat's Chinese culture night, the strategic cooperation of the country is actively promoting the charm of the brand to the diplomat at the scene. It is also shining on the scene from Yinyin Haiyai Tea, Meizhuomei Wine, and Princess Jieyou.Winned the appreciation of diplomats.

  The event began in the traditional Chinese culture of the "Gate of the Sky". Zhou Jiaban, the inheritor of the Lingxuan pineapple speaker art from the Lingbian pineapple speaker, made the diplomat feel a different Chinese culture at the scene.The Serbian government specially dispatched Mr. Feilong, a domestic outstanding artist to sing "Water" and "Sky" on the spot, and let the guests appreciate the rich cultural connotation of Serbia from the singing.There are "Why Flowers So Red" from Augustzidong band, "Shan Songs Like Spring River Water", "Salazaladin Dance", "Tomorrow will Better" and Guzheng chorus by children, and GuzhengThe performance created a happy and relaxed atmosphere for the scene.

Serbian artist
Serbian artist

  In the fashion show Zhang Kaihui and Zhang Zhanda, two designers, from two perspectives, showed the love from Guizhou's mother through the costume shows from 30 models. They told Chinese stories in the mutual learning of civilization.Like each other, let the diplomatic envoys present witness and feel the profoundness of Chinese culture and world culture. Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges and collisions push the interactive atmosphere of the scene to a climax.

  fashion show

  China-Salvado Economic and Trade and Culture Promotion Center

Cambodian ambassador to leave the ritual
Cambodian ambassador to leave the ritual

  The organizer held a departure ceremony for the Cambodian Ambassador to China this year.Hundreds of country diplomats are full of expectations for "the 10th Global Diplomat's Chinese Culture Night"!According to Secretary-General Xu Yunzu, the "Night of the Tenth Global Diplomacy Chinese Culture" is planned to be held from November to December next year.