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2024-02-21 23:15:13 breaking news

  Source: Global Network

  [Global Network Comprehensive Report] The热门新闻 United States takes "national security" and has new actions for Chinese students.According to Reuters on the 10th, a spokesman for the State Department of the United States stated on the 9th that according to a presidential announcement on May 29, the United States has canceled the visa of more than 1,000 Chinese citizens in order to be suspended as "securityStudents and researchers entering the country from China.


  Reuters said in the report that a US State Department spokesman said that this was a visa action adopted under a announcement announced by Trump on May 29 to respond to China ’s introduction of the Hong Kong National Security Law.The spokesman said, "As of September 8, 2020, (the United States) State Council has revoked the visa of more than 1,000 Chinese citizens. These people have been identified by the announcement of President 10043, so they have not obtained visa qualifications."

  However, the spokesman also said that "unqualified high -risk graduate students and researchers" only represented the "small part" of the Chinese who went to the United States to study and research in the United States, and "legal students and scholars will still be welcomed"Essence

  Earlier, Acting Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf claimed in a speech that Washington was preventing the visa of "some Chinese graduate students related to the Chinese military integration strategy to prevent them from stealing or to prevent them from stealing orIn other ways to steal sensitive research results. "


  In addition, Wolf reiterated the US's allegations of the so -called "unfair business behavior and industrial spy activities" in China in his speech, including trying to steal the research results of new crown viruses, accusing China of abuse student visas, and using the American academic community.

  Reuters said that some Chinese students studying in American universities earlier said that they received an email notification from the US Embassy in China or the US Consulate in China on Wednesday, notifying that their visa had been canceled.

  It is reported that nearly 50 students holding F-1 academic visas, including graduate students and undergraduates, said in the WeChat chat room that these notices stated that if they want to go to the United States, they will apply for a new visa.Many people in the chat room claim that they are mainly subject to disciplines such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.Some people say that they are graduate students who have obtained a bachelor's degree in Chinese universities connecting with the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

  In fact, as early as the end of May and early June this year, the United States had "hacked" some Chinese students.At that time, the U.S. government announced that some Chinese students studying in the United States had taken restrictions on the United States. Some American politicians also published a series of negative remarks on Chinese students.