University TOP10 with a low cost of studying in the UK, the college ranking with less tuition in Britain

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TOP10 with a low cost of studying in the UK,热门新闻 and a college ranking with less tuition in Britain. Many students have doubts and puzzles about this issue. Then follow the editor of Chinese Education Online in detail.

University TOP10 with a low cost of studying in the UK, the college ranking with less tuition in Britain

Low -cost school

1. UNIVERSITY of Wales, Trinity Saint David

Annual international tuition: 00 11,000 (~ US $ 14, 540)

If you want to study at Wales, the Wales St. David University may be an ideal choice.This is a young university (UWL) consisting of some ancient Wales, Wales, and Lam Peter.

2. Plymouth Marjon University University

Annual International Tuition: £ 11,000 (~ US $ 14, 540)

St. Mark and St. John's College Marjon) is a small university located in the suburbs of Pribeus, southwest of England.In addition to the beautiful campus, it also provides small classes in teaching. All courses include a certain degree of work arrangements.

3. Buckinghamshire New University

Annual International Tuition: £ 11,000 (~ US $ 14, 540)

Buckingham County New University is divided into three campuses: Gaotangbi, Oakbridge, and Elsti.This is a good choice for those who want to spend too much tuition in London without spending too many tuition fees.

4. Ravensbourne University London

Annual International Tuition: £ 10,800-13, 500 (~ US $ 14, 300-17, 700)

For those who focus on studying in London, London London University Burns is another good choice.Where it enters the TOP 150 of the art and design major of the World University, and won the silver medal in the teaching and excellent framework of the British government in 2017.

5. The University of Sunderland

Annual International Tuition: £ 10500 (~ US $ 13, 440)

The University of Sandran is the cheapest university in international students.It can be traced back to Sunderland Institute of Technology (founded in 1901) and obtained the university status in 1992.The University of Sandlan also obtained a 4 -star total score in the Star -level evaluation system.

6. University of the West of Scotland

Annual International Tuition: £ 10,600 (~ US $ 14,000)

This is the most affordable university in Scotland international students and the largest modern university in Scotland.About 16,000 students are distributed in five campuses: Scotting, Hamilton, Duveris, and El Town. There is a campus in London.

7. University of Cumbria

Annual International Tuition: £ 10500 (~ US $ 13, 440)

The University of Kanbria is also a very cheap university in the northwest.On August 1, 2007, many Cambridge campuses at St. Martin College, the Cambridge Academy of Arts, and Lankaixia County University officially merged into Campbellia University.

8. University of Suffolk

Annual International Tuition: £ 10080 (~ US $ 12, 900)

The University of Safeccch is a young university (unlike the University of Safecca).Founded in 2007, it was a new school jointly established by the University of Essex and Dongying Geely University, and awarded a degree.Prior to the establishment of the University of Sahakak University, Sagakak County was one of the four counties without university campuses in England.At present, the university has more than 5,000 students, and the proportion of women is also very high.

9. Royal Agricultural University

Annual International Tuition: £ 10,000 (~ US $ 13, 200)

The Royal Agricultural University, located in Slunste, Greaster County, is the oldest agricultural college in the world in English.

How to pay tuition fees

1. Cash

Schools generally do not accept any costs paid in the form of cash.If the students insist on paying with cash, they need to go to the BarclayS bank counter to provide the school's bank information for payment.This is similar to the transfer.

2. Check or bill

Checks or bills are a common way, but there are two disadvantages: you need to buy and bring them to Britain in China.

First, it is easy to lose. Once lost, the consequences are unimaginable;

Second, checks or bills of different banks may not support all banks.If you have any problems, you need to bring it back to domestic banks to solve it, which will consume a lot of time and energy.

3. Credit card or debit card

The school will not charge a handling fee for credit card payment, but domestic banks will charge a handling fee of 2 yuan .7%-3.0%. Although it is saved, it is also more expensive.

4. Direct debit (automatic deduction)

This method refers to the opening of Direct Debit in the UK. The account agrees to automatically deduct tuition and accommodation fees.This is suitable for installment payment, and it is more worried at the agreed time.

5. Bank transfer

First apply for a card in China, save the corresponding money (pound), and then direct the domestic bank counter or online banking.

Generally speaking, it takes up to 10 working days to reach the account (sometimes there are too many funds to reach at the same time, and a processing process is required), so please reserve time, do not exceed the deadline.The handling fee incurred in the transfer is also included on your head. Therefore, when paying, you need to indicate that the fee paid by the remittant will automatically deduct from your account.

6. Telephone payment

If the school provides this payment method, students only need to call the above payment notice and enter credit cards or debit card information based on the prompts.Please note: The use of this method has high requirements for the payer's English listening.

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