Media reports of the State Intellectual Property Office for truth and pragmatic, and deepen the internalization and transformation (Jintai Tide)

2024-02-21 22:37:55 exclusive information

At present,热议资讯 the second batch of theme education is carried out in the masses.Party organizations at all levels will penetrate the real requirements of the theme education, and firmly grasp the overall requirements, goals, tasks, methods, and measures.Education has achieved practical results.

Every time the party's theoretical innovation, theoretical armed forces must follow.Carry out the theme education in the whole party, and promote the leading party, especially leading cadres to continue to deepen the study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics.Essence

Get hard on the deepening of theoretical learning and keep going."The theoretical learning is not deep and incomplete, and the unity of ideas will have no foundation. The unity of the party will be seriously affected." This theme education, "learning ideas" is the first, the main line throughout, it is true to really learn and true.Understand true faith, learn deep understanding.For party members and cadres, learning must be learned to the end, and it is difficult to master the essence of scientific theory.Only when you are calm and calm, you can learn and understand with your heart and mind, and think about it, and think about it, so as to grasp the overall grasp and integration, can you fully systematically control the basic viewpoint and scientific system of this idea.

Internalization of theoretical learning, working hard, keep going.Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era contain rich leadership methods, ideological methods, and working methods. It has a strong power and practical power. It is our finger lighting lights that transform the subjective world and transform the objective world.Learning to contact the actual situation, combine work, and be targeted.Party members and cadres must focus on their own needs, continuously improve the knowledge system, and strive to learn from Marxist's housekeeping skills, and understand the worldview, methodology, and the point views and methods throughout it.It becomes its own powerful ideological weapons and scientific ideas. As a "total key" for research and solving problems, it enhances the "internal skills" with solid learning and transforms into a real skill.In this way, the problem of understanding is high, the analysis of the problem is deep, and the work can be accurately accurately.

Get hard on the transformation of theoretical learning and keep going.The ultimate goal is to solve problems and promote work.Paying attention to practice and building new skills, the end of the end, we cannot learn to do it, and we must educate and practice both hands and promote it.The masses look good about the theme education. How much practical things do party members and cadres have done, and how much benefits they get the people.Party members and cadres must effectively transform their learning results into practical actions to perform their duties and do well, do more problems of problems, promote development, do more good things to benefit people's livelihood, solve the people's concerns, and continue to enhance the masses' sense of gain,A sense of happiness and security.