Huangqibao Street, Fangzi District, Weifang City: Strengthen budget performance management, comprehensively improve performance management level broadcast articles

2024-02-21 22:19:02 real time news

Volkswagen reporter Fan Sujuan Liang Xiaodong Weifang Report

In 2023,独家资讯 Huangqibao Street, Fangzi District, Weifang City adheres to the idea of "spending a tight life", adheres to the performance management concept of "spending money, invalidity must be accountable", further strengthen the responsibility of expenditure, scientifically regulates the performance management system of performance management system, Actively explore the new model and new measures of performance management, better serve and ensure all the work of the street, promote the improvement of quality and efficiency of fiscal funding performance evaluation, and promote various undertakings to a new level.

Huangqibao Street regularly holds a meeting to promote budget performance management work, and timely solve the difficulties and problems in the work; set up a performance working group to clarify the functions and division of responsibilities of budget performance management; establish a daily management assessment system, urge relevant streets and villagesIn the daily work, the community does the statistics of the project -related data information and collects archives to provide information foundation for performance tracking, performance evaluation and future budget preparation. Special officers of special class personnel will be regularly raised to ensure that the implementation of various tasks is in place;Specific implementation plans, related measures, and implementation rules; establish a comprehensive indicator system that is commonly used in the streets and the sub -indicator system library that meets the characteristics of the project, and quantifies and refine the performance index system.