Poster time comments 丨 High incidence of respiratory diseases, scientific prevention and treatment is the key broadcast article

2024-02-21 23:45:04 high speed information

Poster news commentator Zhu Yanlu

Recently,high speed information affected by many factors such as seasonal and weather changes, respiratory diseases have entered a high incidence season.

Respiratory diseases, as common diseases and multiple onset, are relatively small in autumn and winter seasons.But compared with previous years, this year is also different.According to Xu Baoping, deputy director of the National Respiratory Disease Clinical Medicine Research Center, this year's high incidence of respiratory diseases has been advanced, and the duration of the peak infection has been extended.Time is advanced and the peak is prolonged, which will inevitably cause medical resources.Correspondingly, there will be a "dilemma" scene: on the one hand, the patients who can't see the doctor, on the other hand, the patient is waiting for the doctor to call the call.

Under the "dilemma", it brought great pressure to the hospital and doctors, and also put the patients and their families into anxiety.More importantly, the patient's queuing time is too long, which may aggravate the condition and harm health.Cracking the "dilemma" dilemma is a "required question" to deal with high incidence of respiratory diseases at present, and scientific prevention and treatment is undoubtedly the best choice among many answers.

Scientific prevention and control must be used to apply scientific knowledge and respect the laws of science.Since the high incidence of respiratory diseases, a series of response policies and measures have been introduced from the country to the province and cities.For example, students are prohibited from taking schools to school, scientifically coordinating medical and health resources, implementing a hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system, and playing the role of Internet hospitals.These policies and measures are based on the characteristics of respiratory diseases and the current situation and prevention and treatment situation of the current places.In other words, these policies and measures are the grasp and use of scientific knowledge and scientific laws.Implementing these policies and measures is the most direct manifestation of scientific prevention of respiratory diseases.At the same time, the general public will also be more active in the struggle with various viruses and bacteria.

Taking the implementation of a class diagnosis and treatment system as an example, this is not a new system, but it is mentioned in the measures that the National Health and Health Commission recently issued high incidence of respiratory diseases.This shows that there is still much room for implementation of this system.According to the monitoring results of the National Health and Health Commission, recent respiratory infectious diseases are mainly influenza.In other words, a large number of patients can cure the disease at the community hospitals, health hospitals or counties (districts) hospitals in front of the doorstep. There is no need to take a lot of hospitals and even three hospitals.Malosis, graded diagnosis and treatment, can not only alleviate the pressure of the hospital, but also improve the efficiency of consultation.Isn't this a scientific strategy?