Which is more accurate?Constellation or zodiac signs?

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In fact,独家资讯 Feng Shui is a very profound culture. It involves a wide range of faces and can help you solve some problems and troubles.However, in today's life, there are not many people who are proficient in these knowledge, so if you want to take the exam, you must learn about it in advance.So, is the constellation fortune or zodiac fortune?Which constellation or constellation is more accurate?Let's take a look!

Is the constellation or the zodiac accurate?

The zodiac signs are more accurate.After all, our culture is profound.The zodiac will also calculate the destiny of the whole person in combination with the birth year.However, the zodiac signs simply divide people into twelve categories, which is prejudiced.

The zodiac is a unique folk culture formed in the long -term historical development, mainly distributed in East, Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia.It is closely related to astronomy, calendar, agricultural production, and cultural history.

The zodiac signs are divided by year, and the twelve constellations are divided by monthly.In terms of personality judgment, it is mainly based on the climate and surrounding environment of the child's birth, as well as the gravity of the planet in the universe.It is related to the magnetic field.Different months, the magnetic field is different, the gravity is different, and the climate is different, so the impact on children's innate influence is also different.

Among them, my country's zodiac culture is a representative type.In fact, zodiac culture is in my country.Other zodiac culture in Asia is more or less influenced by my country's zodiac culture!Especially Japan!The 12 zodiac signs are the same as my country, and the "divination" forecasts of the Zodiac's "divination" in terms of fate, marriage, feelings, and career are basically the same.

Which is more accurate?


Aries, also known as Aries, belongs to the first house of the Zodiac Palace.The corresponding Chinese astrology is a place, which is the "dog" in the zodiac signs.

A bit funny.Among the zodiac signs, dogs and sheep are not compatible, but when compared with Chinese and Western, Aries represents dogs.

Affected by Mars, Aries is characterized by fighting spirit and aggressive spirit.They pursue their ideals and decisively.This also corresponds to the character's straightforward, specializing, and striving for upstream.



People have misunderstood Taurus.Many friends think that Taurus corresponds to the ugly cow in the zodiac, but this is not the case.From the perspective of Chinese astrology, Taurus corresponds to the palace, which is the chicken.

People born in the Year of the Rooster yearn for the noble spirit of the Spring Festival, love beautiful, and know how to dress up. This is also in line with the characteristics of cows and goddess Venus.


Chinese astrology is called "Shen", which is the "monkey" in the zodiac.Its meaning is the combination of Mercury's "language ability" and the "dual reasoning ability and adaptability" of Gemini, which is equal to "multi -faceted talents".