Retro Gold Pioneer Monology monologue, Golden Mahjong played new tricks

2024-02-22 15:47:16 Current Affairs

As soon as New Year's Day passed,Current Affairs the taste of 2024 was getting stronger and stronger, and friends of the five lakes and four seas have been rubbed.  

Last year, Monology monologue gold mahjong ornament was hot throughout the network. This year, it also launched the Dragon -year -old limited gold mahjong that can really be rubbed



Monologue Duobai Dragon annual limited set of gold mahjong and packaging box



Monologue Duobai Dragon annual limited 13 gold mahjong and packaging box


Monologue, Chinese translation: Monato, Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Group's tide jewelry brand.Monologue monologue defines itself as a monologue separated by music.Inspired by different styles of music, creating jewelry suitable for different scenarios, letting jewelry show attitude.Know Me or No Me expresses true self.




Monologue monologue authority tide series model film


Countless challenges and "extraordinary" have created this trendy brand that belongs to young people who love to play with young people.The most well -known in the trend circle is the Black 6C retro gold technology, which was created by Chow Tai Fook's senior craftsmen for ten years.From the pure black in the international color standard language Pantone color card color system: Pantone Black 6C is attached to the gold jewelry with full personality, hand -polished coloring, including wear -resistant resistance, so that the charm of gold products can bloom more lasting.



Monology monologue thirteen retro gold bracelets



Monologue single white panda holds retro gold pendant



Monologue is a single white melon to come to wealth.



Monologue monologue brand original series: the authority tide, fusion of mahjong elements, classic brand combinations, creating popular popular jewelry: Thirteen Rings, Thirteen bracelets, hair pendants ... every year is constantly upgrading, each design is available in each design, each design is available, there are design every time, and each design is available.New surprise.A full set of gold mahjong ornaments launched in 2022 detonated the Internet.There are 1 gram of gold banknotes in each gold mahjong. With exclusive jewelry boxes, you can make ornaments.Caused a large number of netizens to discuss "dare not fight", "rub the circles and do not know a few less".




Monologue Duobai Dragon annual limited set of gold mahjong


This year, Monologue's monologue launched Golden Mahjong 2.0, and the back of the style was 2024 exclusive limited black golden dragon year design.Let the Golden Mahjong truly realize the functional attributes that can be rubbed.Buy a full set of gold mahjong and give away two golden dice, a box of mahjong, start the happy time of relatives and friends, and call friends and friends to rub it!



Monologue Monopo Alipay Whale Exploration Cooperative Digital Collection Activity Introduction




Monologue Monopo Alipay Whale Exploration Cooperation Release Digital Collection Display


Monologue Monopoly and Alipay Whalen Platform: Panda Thirteen Golden Golden Mahjong Digital Collection.Let the giant panda "rub" the 13th gold mahjong, the national treasure meets the national essence, and welcomes the New Year with joy.From now until January 14, 2024, every day, you can collect digital collections on the whalestock platform. You can redeem the limited -edition mahjong digital collections with 13 models.It doesn't matter if it doesn't synthesize. Daily check -in. There is a chance to draw: Monology monologue [Send] Golden Charter; Chow Tai Fook Program Discount Touncing (specified style available).


If you redeem the limited edition panda, the mahjong digital collection number is 2024, then congratulations!You will get a set of Monology monologue, a golden chapter of the golden chapter.