The main city of Minhang City Poly Optical Yuecheng is worth this!Is it worth buying in Minhang Poly Optical Yue City?

2024-02-21 23:50:31 breaking news

Thebreaking news central enterprise Baoli Development & State -owned Enterprise Shentong is strongly created

Line 15 of the subway, 5 stations Xuhui, Xuhui

Three traffic lights on the middle ring

"Poly Optical Leap City"

100 billion -level planning handwriting in southern Shanghai

Enjoy the core of Minhang Qiaoqiao

The plot ratio is only 1.13 TOD low -dense villa -level house

About 200,000 square meters of Water Park

About 20,000 square meters of vitality neighborhood

228 sets of building noodles are about 95-143m² 3/4 room

The total price starts from 5.37 million

Minhang can be described as a top spot, and it is the supply king except Pudong!In recent years, Minhang has continued to become popular. The planning of Shanghai's 100 billion South Science and Technology Innovation Center has caused land value to rise, and the popularity of the property market has soared!And where should Minhang buy now?The third chapter of the 8.8 billion "photosynthetic TOD", Poly Optical Leap City is the first choice!IntersectionIt is located at the core of Minhang's main city. This time, it can be said to have risen another step in product power, redeem, and service!

The thickness of the sky is about 1.13, the volley low dense villa quality house

Raising Tibetan Shanghai rare low -secret assets

The explosion of Poly Optical Yue City is almost overnight. The 17 -meter volley+1.13 plot ratio+villa quality house. When such a product combination appears in Shanghai, there is almost no second opponent!

Low -secret products are more value -preserved, which is already a topic of old talk.There are 60 land auctions in 1-3 batches this year, with only 4 capacity rate of 1.2, and more than 1.2 out of print!

Even Honganli, who is also a 1.13 plot ratio, has a total price of nearly 70 million!Poly Photo Yuecheng can have a total of 70 million luxury homes from the total price of 5.37 million. This cost performance is self -evident!

As the current residential density of the current city is getting higher and higher, the corridor has become the standard for most communities.In order to bring a higher housing rate this time, Poly Photo Yuecheng created a comfortable and comfortable apartment in north and south.

On the basis of the low -density houses of photosynthesis, the most obvious advantage is that the distance between building buildings can be greater!The distance of 35-70 meters has leaving a larger flow space to the natural wind, and the low-level can also bring longer lighting.