The new cultural format "blooms in the sun", and the Chinese economy "heat flow" surge

2024-02-22 00:02:02 breaking news

Original title: Thebreaking news new cultural format "Blooming in the sun", the "heat flow" of the Chinese economy surges

In recent years, with the rapid development of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, a number of new cultural formats and new scenarios in my country have emerged. Relying on digital empowerment and artistic design, bring people a new cultural consumption experience, promote the cultural industry High -quality development.

Culture is running away from the country, and the culture is strong.Culture is our valuable spiritual wealth. It nourishes people's spiritual homes, but also a strong motivation to promote the high -quality development of China's economy.From the film and television theme blocks in Xi'an, Shaanxi to the "Hakka Town" in Gankeng, Shenzhen, Guangdong, the youth theater "Just Student and Youth" launched from Changsha Orange Island, Hunan to Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang, Henan, from ... in a new way, culture appears in usIn front of it, take us to experience the charm of Chinese civilization zero.In the information age, more and more "new things" bring people to live and work convenient. The "three new" economy represented by new formats, new industries, and new business models has quietly risen and became popular.Starting into "new", using new technologies and creating new scenes, awakening sleeping cultural resources, better promoting ideological and cultural work, promoting new cultural formats "bloom in the sun", and strive to achieve the "fruitful fruit" of the cultural industry.

Promote the "breakout" of new cultural formats, and traditional culture has rejuvenated new vitality.The Chinese culture is extensive and profound. To allow the Chinese Wenmai to have a long history and endless life.Breakout "wakes up" sleeping resources ", let traditional culture appear in front of us in a new way, glowing in the new era and new glory.From the "national trend fever" in the clothing industry, to the "national learning fever" of tourism, to the "national heat" of watching movies, and then ... traditional culture breaks through the limitations of its own development, and it shines in the inheritance of the Chinesewen pulseNew light.

With the help of new cultural scenes "circle fans" to enrich people's spiritual life.A firm cultural self -confidence, good protection, inheritance, and displaying excellent achievements in Chinese civilization need to use new cultural scenes to "circle powder" to allow more people to understand the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation. In the immersive experience, there are more feelings, Full of people's spiritual homes.For example, in Beijing Longfu Temple, which has a history of nearly 600 years, the old cafeteria has transformed into a new art museum. The abandoned old garage is transformed into a sports living space.Taking fixed buildings as the basis, cultural heritage as the root, "drink" with various cultural activities with innovative cultural activities, not only tells good Chinese cultural stories, but also opens the new world of cultural exchanges, and enhances cultural self -confidence.

The Chinese economy is more vividly stirred in the "live water" of the new cultural market.Digital fully empowers the cultural industry. It not only tells cultural stories in a new way, but also allows more talents to see the cultural market promising and active, attracting more talents who love traditional culture to increase the cultural market.Scientific and technological innovation provides strong technological support for the development of the cultural industry, and it is more conducive to promoting "culture+" and "tourism+", which pointed out a new direction for the development of the cultural industry in the new era.Stiring the "live water" of new cultural markets also requires talent innovation. From cultural activities, cultural and creative industries, to the new format of "Culture and Plastic Travel", with tourism as a carrier and culture, it isThe development of tourism has allowed the new market to "bloom all flowers" and continuously meet the people's new expectations for a better life.

Promote the high -quality development of the cultural industry, improve the soft power of the national culture, and "rich" the people's spirit. The key is to make efforts in "new", optimize the new layout of the cultural industry, strengthen various cultural markets, and cultivate new cultural formats.The diversified and quality cultural experience and consumption model has continued to surge in the "heat" of the Chinese economy.(Fan Banyan)