Golden Rating / Interest Interest Ending End of the Gold Price Surging in Bloomberg

2024-02-22 16:37:39 Express information

  Affected by inflation and cooling this Express informationweek, the price of gold rushed to $ 2080, up to $ 2088. At the time of writing, he fought at $ 2070.

  The November core PCE price index of the United States recorded 3.2%, which was the minimum increase since April 2021; the overall PCE price index of price index recorded -0.1%, the first decline since April 2020;2.6%, the minimum increase since February 2021.

  Looking back at 2023, Gold was accumulated in the first half of the year, but it benefited from investors' lack of confidence in the banking system and experienced violent fluctuations.In the second half of the year, the price of gold showed a downward trend, and the biggest decline appeared at the end of the third quarter.By the fourth quarter, the US macroeconomic weakened and the expected expected of the suspension of interest rate hikes brought by it led to the decline in the US exchange index and gold continued to rise.The market digesting the Federal Reserve's interest rate reduction expectations in 2024, at the beginning of December to 2152.3 US dollars reached a record high.

  Compared with 2022, the gold fluctuations in 2023 are relatively small, but the frequency is high, and it has exceeded the $ 2,000 mark at least 6 times.It is expected that in 2024, the Federal Reserve ’s interest rate cut is expected to bring rapid improvement of the actual interest rate of the United States, and the risk of deterioration of the US economy may also strengthen the risk aversion value of gold.In addition, the global geopolitical situation in 2024 faces great uncertainty.If the geopolitical situation is heating up again, it may be possible to further accommodate investors' risk preferences, which is expected to boost gold.In general, the author expects that the golden chance of the golden gold in 2024 will move forward, that is, the trend of the short -term upward, medium -term pressure, and long -term upward trend, it is expected to usher in the upward trend.