Shanghai Maybach VS680 Directly drops 200,000 existing car sales phone

2024-02-22 15:00:14 real time news

Anqing Toyota Coster 4S shop Coster manufacturer drops 60,独家资讯000【Toyota Coster 4S Bresters Store】 Sales Hotline132 6168 3333 Manager Wei, National Sales, [10 seats] [11 seats] [12 seats] [13 seats] [14 seats] [15 seats] [16 seats] [17 seats] [18 seats] [20 seats] ◤ Toyota Coster ◢ Sales and modification12 (high -end version) 11 (luxury version, administrative version, VIP version) 12 (high -level version, flagship version, VIP version) 13 (VIP version, Supreme Edition), Toyota Coster interior modification luxury high -end, suitable for visual inspectionWork, group activities, high -end conference reception cars, and so on.

 National Sales-Coster manufacturer's guidance price (10,000 yuan)Toyota Coster 4.0 Advanced Edition 425 million Toyota Coster 4.0 Administrative Edition 456,000 Toyota Coster 4.0 upgraded version 478,000 Toyota Coster 4.0 luxury version of 560,800 Toyota Coster 19 customized version 60-75 Toyota Coster 17-seater 60-85 Toyota Coster 17CertainlyThe version of the 16-seater Custom version of Toyota Toyota Coster was 600,000-9 million Toyota Coster 12-seater Custom Version of 78-1.28 million.

Toyota Coster is the most popular reception vehicle in the business car market. The main feature of Toyota Coster's modification of business cars is that in the modification of the interior, Huatong Fengye Toyota Coster business car can adopt luxurious single leather seatsThe chair, spacious and comfortable, Huatongfeng's 360 -degree rotating aviation head seat, which is convenient for our travel business office or entertainment to a certain extent.The original imported Elfa seats increase the design of ventilation and heat dissipation and electric foot support to provide us with a more comfortable and warm ride environment.

The modification shows the comfort of the interior, and it also has a soft heart in the domineering design. We choose such a distinguished car is an important set of identity to show the most expensive setting.Modifications can become the focus of attention in the current market. It is officially unmotivated due to the perfect combination of high quality and comfort.

In the modification of the interior, Toyota Coster's modification of Toyota Coster focuses on the noble interior cultivation in the interior. From the design of the seat, Toyota Coster has different plans in the design of the seat.Installing comfortable all -imported Elfafa seats, Huatongfeng can also install basic designs such as heating ventilation and electric foot support in the design of the seats to provide us with a more comfortable ride environment to reduce our ride in the car.The fatigue on the journey.

The business and business reception vehicles designed and modified by the company are selected by large national enterprises and used for high -standard ritual receptions. Large -scale corporate ritual cars, VIPs, and aviation seats show their atmosphere and show their strength.Great power factory, trustworthy, welcome to call inquiries! Professional modification consultants serve you! Quality guarantee, price discount. Provide board transportation servicesWelcome to consult with more modification plans!Toyota Coster seven to 23 seats in the entire line, sold at a low price, and the ticket to pick up the car on the day of the purchase of the car randomly reduced from 50,000 to 80,000 yuan (an additional 10,000 yuan car purchase gift package)