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In August of this year, L'Oreal's 3CE brand opened in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, opened, and attracted consumers to patronize.Interviewee confession

The opening ceremony of the Dortui (China) R & D Center.Interviewee confession

Decathlon Chinese stores cover a variety of sports scenes such as skiing, hiking, camping.The picture shows consumers buy bicycle products in Decathlon stores.Interviewee confession

Shicheng Scenic Spot, Wuyuan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province attracted many people to visit.Photo by Yuan Xinyu (People's Vision)

China is the world of China.It is well known here is the world's oversized and most potential consumer market. It is the world's most complete industrial system and the largest growth engine in the global economy.

What does this "most" mean for those who invest in, promote business, live, and work in China?From the perspective of foreign friends, what kind of economic pulse do they perceive today?This newspaper interviewed some new and old friends who work and live in China and live in China.

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Ferbouri, president of L'Oreal North Asian and CEO of China:

In the place of dream, create a "magic" growth

Reporter Li Jie

Recently, Ferbouri, president of L'Oreal North Asian and CEO of China, won a special medal, the Shanghai "White Magnolia Memorial Award" in 2023.

Before arriving in Shanghai in 2019, Ferbori's exchanges with the global team had a deep longing for China.When he met the Chinese team for the first time, he excitedly said: "China and Shanghai are my dreams. Today I dream of becoming true."

For the L'Oreal Chinese team, Fiberi is more like a "dreamer" role.In just a few years since 2019, L'Oreal's Chinese business has doubled.Prior to this, L'Oreal was a cosmetics group with the highest market share in the Chinese market, and this growth was even more rare.

From the perspective of sales, in 2019, 2020, and 2021, L'Oreal continued to achieve double -digit growth in the Chinese market; the growth rate in 2022 also led the industry and market. How did this achieve it?

"Thanks to the continuous cultivation of the Chinese market and the doubt about the toughness and potential of the Chinese beauty industry." Fiberury said that L'Oreal's current scale in China is leading. However, they still think that the market potential is huge.

On the one hand, compared with Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries, China's per capita consumption level in beauty is still relatively low, which means huge growth space; on the other hand, many new first -tier cities are developing, growing, and upgrading, accompanied by accompanying, accompanyWith many new development opportunities, more consumers are waiting for the brand to discover.In addition, Chinese consumers have become diversified and valued more quality, and new products and brands still have a lot of opportunities.

"L'Oreal's growth story in China is one of our best stories." Fiberia said that L'Oreal has entered the Chinese mainland market since 1997. At that timeL'Oreal Group's second largest market in the world is expected to become the first.As one of the six major R & D hubs in the North Asia Region, the world's six major research and development hubs, and one of the three major beauty technology centers in the world, China is already a key strategic market for L'Oreal Group.

By 2030, L'Oreal's goals will be clearly covered by 200 million Chinese consumers.

Of course, continuous performance growth also requires enterprises to have "magic".L'Oreal's secret is to "grasp the small trend and play a good game first."To the establishment of investment companies, beauty technology centers, digital transformation, as small as the development of a product, and the design of a packaging, L'Oreal has launched more and more innovative measures in the Chinese market to continue to attract consumers.

From L'Oreal in Paris, Lancome, Xiuli, to LELE, Isso, and 3CE, Chinese consumers can not only buy new brands and new products, but also experience stories about beauty through L'Oreal.At the end of last year, Feibo Rui and the team brought the "Enlightenment Exhibition of Augmented Augmented by the Paris" to the banks of the Huangpu River and made their debut in Asia. In just a few weeks, the tens of thousands of public approached this human civilization treasure.Rebirth journey.

"From the first day, we are constantly investing in and innovating to meet the needs of Chinese consumers. In the future, we will also provide consumers with the best products and services and grow together with the Chinese market." Femobui said.

Ferbouri will be the chief global growth officer of L'Oreal Group early next year, responsible for accelerating growth, leadership transformation, and promoting regional development.He said: "Whether it is returning to Paris or anywhere in the world, I will continue to support China as always, and support everyone on this land."

Mai Owen, President of Dorteri China:

Investing in China, this decision is worth it

Reporter Qiu Haifeng

"These photos record our development in the Chinese market."

In the office of Mai Owen, president of Dortui China, there are 10 photos of the previous Expo with previous exchanges: the first expo showed an area of 9 square meters, and then gradually increased to 200 square meters.The more, the amount of orders for the purchase intention from 380 million yuan to 700 million yuan, to 1 billion yuan ... In the 6 -year exhibition, this American company engaged in essential oil production was deeply involved in the Chinese market.

Talking about the changes in these years, Mai Owen, who has worked in China for many years, mentioned a poem: "Moss flowers are small as rice, and they also learn peony.""This poem comes from the" Moss "of the Qing Dynasty poet Yuan Mei. I particularly like it. It means that although moss flowers are small as rice grains, they also have to learn peony flowers.In the eyes, Dortrey is like this, accompanied by the Expo and the Chinese market to grow up step by step. "

In 2014, Dorteri came to China from the other side of the ocean. At the beginning, it was only more than 100 square meters of offices and more than 10 employees."At that time, we were a silent foreign -funded enterprise, and we didn't know what kind of platform it was to enter the Expo at all, but I applied for the smallest booth with the mentality of" trying a try "." Recalling that I participated in the first session 5 years ago to participate in the first session of the first session.The experience of the Expo, Mai Owen lamented, "What I didn't expect was that the people were crowded before the booth, and the business orders were like snow films, which made us see the huge potential of the Chinese market."

After that, Dortrey owned more investment in China: In 2018, Dortre set up the headquarters of the Dortari multinational company in Shanghai, and launched the construction of the Chinese factory and the first overseas laboratory.China ’s first flagship store was completed in Jing'an, Shanghai; in 2022, the first overseas R & D centers in Domori were established in China.

Today, how do you look at the decision to invest in China?Mai Owen believes that Dortrey has made a answer with his own development: the size of employees has increased to more than 200 people now, and the offline essential oil life hall covers Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin, Qingdao and other cities.It has developed into the second largest market in Dortry.Investing in China, this decision is worth it.

“我们非常期待中国市场的前景,接下来将加大在华研发投入、high speed information创新、Reps shophigh speed information生产、服务及人才培养,同时践行绿色可持续发展战略,best rep website继续拓展多特瑞在中国各城市的市场,依托'Mutual cooperation procurement plan', etc., deeply cultivate the Chinese market, and continuously provide more and more high -quality essential oil products for Chinese consumers. "Mai Owen also set a goal for Dortry China: By 2030, China will become Dortry to become Dutrey's Chinese.The world's largest market.

Decathlon China Vice President Sai Wanzhou:

The fast rhythm of the Chinese market is shocking

Reporter Li Jie

"Quick, really fast." This is the first impression of Decathlon China Vice President Saizhou.Before the resident in the Chinese market, Sai Wanzhou came to Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places in China many times, and was shocked about the rhythm, changes, and updates of the market here.

In 2021, when he had the opportunity to come to work in China, Sai Wanzhou's first reaction was "super great!" He started a trip to China without hesitation.Earlier, he worked in Spain, Italy and other places, and this year was his 19th year in Decathlon.

"It's like driving a boat. The Chinese market is huge, and the water is deep, wind, and how to take charge of the helm." Sai Wanzhou said, but now, he began to change from the original "astonishment" to the rhythm of adapting to the Chinese market.

The newly launched high -end highway bicycle is sold out when it is listed, and even some consumers call to ask "whether the product is on the shelves"; the autumn and winter ski season is coming, and many lovers buy equipment several months in advance.The above ... The professional and enthusiasm of Chinese consumers makes Sa Wanzhou unexpectedly unexpectedly with many colleagues.

At present, Decathlon has 850 product engineers, 300 designers, and more than 900 registered patents around the world, and about 2,800 new products are launched each year.To calculate, this is equivalent to the launch of more than 7 new products per day.

"Chinese consumers have a greater demand for sports products, and their quality requirements are getting higher and higher, which forces us to speed up new speeds." Sae Wanzhou said.

An interesting phenomenon is that 20 years ago, when Decathlon opened the first store in mainland China, many Chinese consumers were "a pair of travel shoes 'running' all sports", and today, except for running, fitness, yoga,More and more outdoor and emerging movements have become trendy trends, and there are huge professional equipment needs behind it.

Today, I walked into a Decathlon Chinese store at will, and the sports scenes such as skiing, hiking, camping are "tentacles".Decathlon covers a variety of sports needs from emerging movements such as paddle boards, skiing, flying disks, camping to hiking, climbing, and climbing from emerging sports such as paddle boards, skiing, flying disks, camping, etc., and provides people with diverse choices.

"Any seemingly niche market, even if the proportion of crowds covers is low, and use China's huge population base, it will become a huge number and considerable opportunities." Sae Wanzhou said.

In terms of skiing, a few years ago, this was a sport with a low threshold. With the hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the abundance of facilities from north to south, more Chinese began to experience the fun of ice and snow sports.For example, it can be found through Dechen Nong store data that the enthusiasm of consumers in southern China is not inferior to the north.Chinese cities have also begun to appear more and more green roads, carways, sports venues, and open waters, and various changes are holding a larger sports group.

When you come to the Chinese market, Sai Wanzhou is still making some new attempts.Decathlon opened 2 new stores in Shenzhen, a Hongling store is close to the business district and relatively lightweight; a Guanlan store is near the sports venue to create vertical products, which are significantly different from the past site selection and scale of Decathlon stores.The situation of "diverse growth".

In addition to new stores, new products, and new sports, Decathlon has continued to "test" in the Chinese market.For example, the way to communicate with consumers, the continuous advancement of online business, etc."In the future, these changes will also happen in Europe and elsewhere." Sai Wanzhou said, "Our success in China is marked with our global success."

When he came to China, Sai Wanzhou began to try a fitness project with Chinese characteristics -Tai Chi.He is experiencing and promoting the ever -changing Chinese market in a new experience.

Daniel, Research and Development Director of Norwarus China:

The atmosphere of innovation is good, and the future trend is in China

Our reporter Xu Peiyu

The 48 -year -old Frenchman Daniel Bruzes is the director of R & D in China in China and has been in China for 18 years."In 2006, the group asked me to choose a foreign country, and I chose China." Daniel said that he was optimistic about the broad opportunities and vigorous vitality of the Chinese automobile market.

Norwarus Group is a global plastic solution provider with nearly 70 years of experience, headquartered in France."There is an average of every 3 cars in the world using Novarez's solution." Daniel introduced that Novarez is the "invisible champion" in the global automotive industry chain. At present, the group has conducted business in 22 countries to operate and operates.With 38 manufacturing plants and 7 R & D centers.

"We have entered the Chinese market very early." Daniel introduced that the Wuhan plant of Novarez was put into production in 1997 and currently owns a manufacturing base in Shanghai, Shenyang, Yantai and other places.In Shanghai, Norwarus not only has two manufacturing bases, but also has a R & D center that provides professional development support for dynamic assembly components and body components of fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles.

As the director of R & D, Daniel said: "Our mission is to support the group's business expansion in China by developing and manufacturing new products for Norwarus. At the same time, through innovative solutions in power assembly and body components,The future development of the automotive industry provides inspiration. "

At present, Novarez provides a variety of product lines in China with annual sales of about 1.1 billion yuan."My personal income level has also improved very much," Daniel said.

In the 18th year of China, Daniel has deeply experienced the improvement of China's innovation environment: "China's innovation atmosphere is good, and from the country to local governments, they attach great importance to innovation.Born in such a good atmosphere. "

In China, online car rental, online shopping, takeaway, and mobile payment have been deeply integrated into daily life, and people are used to the convenience brought by technological innovation."Every time I contact French family members, they are very curious about China's high -speed development and those new technologies that have been integrated into life." Daniel said.

"In my eyes, China is full of opportunities." Daniel said, "China focuses on achieving development through innovation, and China's economic prospects are bright. As employees of foreign -funded enterprises, I hope to get better development in China."

In fact, China has become synonymous with the best investment destination.The "Report on China's Foreign Business Environment in the Third quarter of 2023" released by the China Trade Council shows that more than 80 % of the foreign -funded enterprises interviewed by foreign -funded enterprises for the Chinese business environment are satisfied.Essence

In recent years, more and more foreign companies have set up R & D centers in China, incorporated into the tide of innovation in China."In the automotive field, the future trend of global cars is in China. What China does now, other countries will do it in a few years." Daniel said that this is an excellent opportunity for foreign companies to strengthen it with China's innovation center.cooperate.

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