The sports economy "wind outlet", Chengdu takes one step first

2024-02-21 23:09:39 moment information

On December 4th,moment information the World Cup of the Chengdu International Table Tennis Federation Hybrid Group World Cup started in Wuhou District, Chengdu. The top table tennis team from all over the world competed on the same stage.Strive.

After continuous landing, the sports carnival is coming wonderfully

As early as 2017, Chengdu officially proposed to build a world -renowned city in the world. Taking sports events as a leverage, activating the enthusiasm of sports consumption, leverage the development of the sports industry, promoted the improvement of urban energy levels, and walked out of a distinctive competition camping city.

This summer, the 31st World University Student Summer Games was held in Chengdu.

This is the first large -scale international sports comprehensive event held in an open form after the epidemic. Chengdu has also become the first city in western China to host comprehensive international sports events.Chengdu, who stood on the world stage, has been eye -catching for a while, which further enhances the urban influence and attractiveness.

Just a few days ago, the "Chengdu · 2023-2024 World E-sports event launch conference" also reported news.Finals, 2023 Yongjie Infernal World Championship Finals and the first Tencent Epidemic Artificial Intelligence National Open Finals will start in Chengdu at the end of this year.

Not only that, in recent years, Chengdu has also hosted 67 sports events such as the 2019 World Police Association, the 2022 World Table Tennis Championships and more than 100 national competitions.

From the Grand Games to the World Cup of the International Table Tennis Federation's Hybrid Group to the World E -sports events, etc., the international, high -level, and high -standard various large -scale events have landed one after another, which not only reflects the world's ability to do the ability and level of the competition in Chengdu, but also is also the ability to do the ability and level of the competition in Chengdu.Chengdu's urban development has brought new opportunities.

As far as Chengdu is concerned, all kinds of large -scale events have landed one after another, while promoting the improvement of urban energy levels, it is also a microcosm of the development of Chengdu's sports economy.

The benchmark is first -class, and the level of running the competition is constantly improving

From the construction of the venue to the event organization, from service guarantee to infrastructure improvement, the landing of any large international event requires huge capital investment, and it is also a great challenge to the urban acceptance ability.

To this end, Chengdu has released a number of documents such as the "Outline of the Chengdu World Competition Famous City Construction" and "Chengdu" Fourteenth Five -Year Plan "World Competition Construction Plan" to provide top -level design plans for the construction of famous cities in the world. In addition, a number of favorable policies have been introduced., Promote the development of the sports industry.

In terms of specific investment, such as venue construction, Chengdu has spared no effort.According to statistics, in the past three years, 49 individual museums including Dong'an Lake Sports Park and Fenghuangshan Sports Park have been rebuilt in the past three years.Place support.

Large sports events such as the Grand Games can drive consumption in the fields of sports, culture, tourism, etc., and their economic contributions are very prominent.Because of this, the development opportunities of large -scale events have become an important track for the wrestling between cities.

How to polish the sports business cards of the city and form a unique local brand effect?In this regard, Chengdu has continued to actively strive for various events and activities, and continues to increase investment in the sports industry; on the other hand, based on local resources and characteristics, to promote the camping city with innovative thinking.

Therefore, in the list of sports events in Chengdu, we can not only see large -scale international events such as the World Police, the Grand Games, but also the independent brands such as "Tianfu Longquan Mountain", "Tianfu Greenway", "Belt and Road", "Panda Cup"Series.Incorporating local elements into sports events and creating a characteristic IP, it is conducive to broadening the scene of the sports economy and forming a differentiated competitive advantage.

The dividend shows, and the sports industry is booming

The international influence and competitiveness of running the competition, Yingcheng, and the city's international influence and competitiveness are ultimately for the sake of business and benefiting the people.Accelerating the creation of a world competition city, Chengdu's sports industry has also achieved rapid development in recent years, becoming an important force driving economic growth.

In 2022, the total scale of Chengdu's sports industry exceeded 100 billion yuan.The leapfrog development of the sports industry has driven the continuous upgrading of urban hardware -in 2022, Chengdu's stadium facilities reached 64,100, and the per capita stadium area exceeded 2.4 square meters, ranking first in the country.

On the one hand, large -scale events have landed one after another, providing a good viewing experience for the general public; on the other hand, with the continuous improvement of infrastructure, the enthusiasm of citizens' sports participation is continuously rising. From watching competitions to participating in competitions, citizens deeply integrate sports into sports.In various scenarios of consumption, enjoy new leisure methods for sports life.

The popularity of leisure and fitness in the whole people has heated up, and sports integrate into the lives of citizens. While driving the development of sports consumption and sports economy, it also provides important economic guarantees for urban undertaking large -scale events and forms a benign cycle.Continue to release the development dividends of the construction of the camping city to help Chengdu get out of the road of rising urban rising.