* ST Garden City (600766): Yantai Garden City Gold Co., Ltd.'s first temporary shareholders meeting in 2024

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Original title:*ST Garden City: Yantai Garden City Gold Co., Ltd. The first temporary shareholders meeting meeting information in 2024

Yantai Garden City Gold Co., Ltd.

Information of the first interim shareholders meeting in 2024

January 12, 2014

Yantai Garden City Gold Co., Ltd.
Agenda of the first interim shareholders meeting in 2024
Meeting method: A combination of on -site reference voting and online voting;
On -site meeting time: 14:30 pm on January 12, 2024;
Online investment meeting: 9: 15-11: 30 13: 00-15: 00 on January 12, 2024;
Meeting location: Garden City, Garden City, No. 261, South Street, Zhizheng District, Yantai City;
Main agenda:
1. The host announces the conference start;
2. The host of the meeting introduced the attendance of the shareholders. The directors, supervisors, senior management personnel, and witness lawyers at the meeting;
3. Read and review the following proposals:

Proposal serial numberProposal content1"Proposal on Appointing Accounting Firm"

4. Discuss and review the above proposals;
5. Voting voting;
6. Recommend the voting of the tickets of the on -site shareholders' conference and the supervisor;
7. The host announced the voting results and formed the resolution of the first interim shareholders meeting in 2024;
9. The director of the participating directors signed a resolution of the temporary shareholders' meeting;
10. Participants sign on the conference record;
Proposal 1:
Yantai Garden City Gold Co., Ltd.
Proposal about hiring accounting firms

Dear shareholders:
According to the "Notification Letter on Not awarding the Company's 2023 Audit Work" issued by the "Special Ordinary Partnership) (hereinafter referred to as the" China Trial Ring ") on September 20, 2023, the company's company issued aIn the next meeting, the China Audit Ring officially resigned to the company due to human and time resources issues. The China -Congress was no longer the company's 2023 annual financial report audit and internal control audit institutions.

In order to promote the company's 2023 audit work as soon as possible, after comprehensive consideration, the company intends to hire He Credit Accounting Firm (special common partnership) as the company's 2023 financial report audit institution and internal control audit institution.The 10th meeting and the thirty -fourth meeting of the 13th board of directors were reviewed and approved.

The company has informed the CIMC's Huanzhong Ring on the change of accounting firms.

Also attached: the basic situation of the proposed accounting firm
(1) Institutional information
(1) Institutional information
1. Basic information
(1) Name of accounting firms: Hexin Accounting Firm (special common partnership) (hereinafter referred to as "Hexin Accounting Firm");
(2) Establishment date: Established in December 1987 (the special common partnership time of the transfer is April 23, 2013);
(3) Organization form: Special common partnership;
(4) Registration address: 7th floor of Yan Industry Building, No. 59 Cultural East Road, Jinan City;
(5) Chief Partner: Wang Hui;
(6) The number of partners at the end of 2022 of the Hexin Accounting Firm was 37, and the number of accountants registered at the end of the year was 262, of which the number of registered accountants who signed the securities service business audit report was 167;The total revenue after auditing was 31.595 million yuan, of which the audit business income was 233.42 million yuan and the securities business income was 13.519 million yuan.

(8) A total of 54 customers of listed companies last year. The main industries involved include manufacturing, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, information transmission software and information technology services, power thermal gas and water production and supply industries, wholesale and retail, and retail.Transportation and warehousing and postal industry, financial industry, construction industry, health and social work, comprehensive industry, etc., with a total of 76.56 million yuan in audit fees.One of the customers who have audited the accounting firm with the CIMC firms are one customer in the same industry as the company.

2. Investor protection ability
The cumulative compensation limit for occupational liability insurance purchased by Hexin Accountants is 100 million yuan. Professional insurance purchase has complied with relevant regulations. In the past three years, it has not assumed civil liability in relevant civil lawsuits.

3. Integrity record.

Hexin Certified Public Accountants has been supervised and managed in the past three years due to practicing behaviors, once, once self -discipline supervision measures, and once administrative penalties.In the past three years, Hexin Certified Public Accountants has been supervised and managed by practicing behaviors in the past three years, and the self -regulatory supervision measures are once.

(2) Project information
1. Basic information.

(1) Project partner, Mr. Liu Xuewei, became a registered accountant in China in 1997, began to work in listed companies in 2000, started practicing in Hexin in 2002, and provided audit services to the company in 2023.In the past three years, 29 audit reports of listed companies have been signed or reviewed.

(2) Mr. Yu Xiaoyan, a registered accountant, became a registered accountant in 2018, began to participate in auditing of listed companies in 2016, started practicing in Hexin in 2018, and providing audit services to the company in 2023.In the past three years, five audit reports have been signed or reviewed.

(3) Mr. Lu Kai became a registered accountant in China in 2014. He started auditing listed companies in 2013. He started practicing in Hexin in 2013, and provided audit services to the company in 2023.In the past three years, 34 audit reports of listed companies have been signed or reviewed.

2. Integrity record.

The project partner, Mr. Liu Xuewei, signed the registered accountant Mr. Yu Xiaoyan, and the project quality control reviewer Mr. Lu Kai, who has not been punished by criminal punishment due to practice behavior, and was punished by the Securities Regulatory Commission, its dispatched institutions and industry authorities.Supervision and management measures are subject to self -discipline supervision measures and disciplinary sanctions by self -regulatory organizations such as securities trading venues and industry associations.
3. Independence.

Mr. Liu Xuewei, a letter accounting firm and project partner, Mr. Yu Xiaoyan signed the registered accountant, and Mr. Lu Kai, the project quality control reviewer.

(3) Audit charging situation
In 2023, the audit charging is planned to charge RMB 500,000, of which 350,000 yuan in audit fees for annual reports, and an internal control audit fee of 150,000 yuan, consistent with the previous year.The pricing principle of audit charges is mainly determined in accordance with the audit workload. The audit charges need to be submitted to the shareholders' meeting for review and approval.

After the report is completed, please review the representatives of shareholders and shareholders.

Yantai Garden City Gold Co., Ltd.
Board of Directors
January 12, 2024