The Consulate General in Barcelona reminds Chinese citizens to beware of telecommunications fraud

2024-02-21 23:03:07 frontline information

Recently,一刻资讯 a number of Chinese students in the Catonian Autonomous Region (referred to as "Canada") in Spain reported to the Consulate General that they had encountered telecommunications fraud, leading to personal information leakage and economic losses.According to the victim, scammers mainly reported that they introduced temporary work or impersonally impersonated the Consulate General, and the staff of the domestic law enforcement agencies required the victim to provide personal information and pay "margin" or "fines".Laure the victims transferred to remittance.

The Consulate General reminds the majority of Chinese citizens in Canada:

1. Keep your call for strangers and keep your calls highly vigilant. Do not disclose personal information on the phone. Do not listen to "domestic bank cards are suspected of crime" and "domestic phone cards have been seized to publish illegal information" and other types of lies.Induced to transfer money to anyone.

2. Neither the Consulate General and the domestic law enforcement agency will notify the electricity of electricity involving domestic cases that need to be processed or have documents or parcels, and they will not transfer the phone to the so -called "International Interpol Center" or the domestic public prosecution law department.EssenceIf the call is doubtful, it is recommended to hang up immediately.If you receive a stranger call, he claims to be a local Ministry of Health, International Express Company or other institutions, please be vigilant and process the situation with caution.

Third, if you are unfortunately deceived, please report to the local police as soon as possible.If the money is cash through the domestic bank transfer, the 110 alarm telephone report can be called at the same time, and the bank card account involved in the case is provided.

4. In order to better safeguard their rights and interests, it is recommended that the majority of Chinese citizens and international students pay close attention to the anti -fraud reminders issued by the Consulate General's official website and WeChat public account, enhance the awareness of prevention, understand anti -fraud knowledge, and do not give criminals.

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