Constructing a new commercial highland

2024-02-21 23:57:00 global information

Based on the development strategy of the "Industrial City and Industrial Strong City" and the "Three New Two Specials" industrial development patterns,高速资讯 it helps to implement the "High -quality Development Project in the Thousands of Town and Thousand Town Villages". On the morning of January 1, Shantou CityThe startup ceremony of the Chaoshan Zizi Professional Market Project of the Transportation Group was held. Deputy Mayor Li Zhao participated in the event.

The successful landing of the project laid the foundation for the high -quality development of the Municipal Transportation Group.It is understood that the Chaoshan Nourish supplement professional market covers an area of over 20,000 square meters and can be operated by more than 600 merchants. It creates more than 3,000 jobs, which has a pivotal role in regional economic development, solving social employment, and promoting social harmony and stability.In the future, the market will form a business district effect with the adjacent clothing wholesale markets, underwear, and passenger stations, which will drive logistics, catering, accommodation and other industries to continue to gather towards town and streets to form a new commercial highland.