Selling!The bank "Dragon Gold" hot -selling expert reminds: Investors should not follow the flow

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"Book the Dragon Nian Gold Banknote,热门话题 798 yuan/set, and now it is scheduled to give another stamp set worth 298 yuan."

"Changlong Foot Jin Ping An Blessing Pendant, 268 yuan, is very suitable when the keychain or gift giving gifts. During the event, you can send 1 set to buy 5 sets!"

"Transfer beads in the dragon, transfer to good luck, bring wealth. Pre -sale preferential activities are only xx."

Recently, Chao Journalists found in the WeChat circle of friends that many bank staff are working hard to promote the Dragon Dragon's Zodiac Metal Metal products.

In the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, dragons are regarded as mascots, representing happiness, auspicious and good luck.The Spring Festival of the Dragon is approaching, and gold products have ushered in the peak sales season. A number of banks have begun to force precious metal business to "open the door", and have launched various precious metal products including the golden bars, gold chapters, gold coins, and transshipment beads.

So, which zodiac gold products are more popular with consumers?What should consumers pay attention to gold?

Zodiac Golden Bitan value to the meaning

Someone buy 3 kg of zodiac gold bars in one breath

"The design of the golden bars of the Pao Dragons is so beautiful, and the meaning is also very good! I plan to buy 2 for next week and save the baby." At the outlets of a agricultural bank in Hangzhou, Ms. ZhangAfter the word "Fulong Xianrui", he praised the sample of the golden bars of the world.

"This dragon's gold bars are exquisitely stylish, and these four words written by Master Han Meilin's & lsquo; Treasure & rsquo;It has sold more than 2 kilograms of treasures, and 100 grams of gold bars are the most tight.

In addition, the Agricultural Bank of China also launched the "Shuanglong Xiangrui" Palace Dragon Year's New Year's New Year."In the past two years, I had more than 10 New Year's funds when I bought it, and gave it to children to be a New Year gift." The above -mentioned staff said.

The Construction Bank also launched a variety of precious metal products such as "Golden Dragon Welcome", "Xianglong's head", "Dragon Xingxing Good Luck" and other dragon -year -old golden -year -old gold products."We & lsquo; Golden Dragon Yingfu & rsquo; the best sales of gold bars." The person in charge of CCB Yongle Financial Management Room said that a client bought a 3 kg of dragon year gold bars not long ago.As an investment, this habit has been maintained for more than 10 years, and the price she bought has also risen from the original 200 yuan per gram to 490 yuan per gram.

"For more than a month before the Spring Festival, it has always been the peak period of the consumption of gold products. Our bank zodiac and gold bars and transshipment beads are selling better. On the one hand, the price of bank gold bars only adds more than 10 yuan on the basis of international gold prices, which is cheaper than malls;On the one hand, the bank's golden purity is high and the quality is guaranteed. "Said the customer manager of a joint -stock bank in Hangzhou.

It is worth mentioning that in order to attract consumers, many banks have recently launched various time -limited preferential activities in fancy.For example, buying the year of the year of the Dragon Dragon Dragon Dragon; buying 5 get 1 get 1 get 1 free;

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Expert reminder: Investors should not follow the waves

During the interview, the staff of many banks said that despite the high price of gold, the enthusiasm of consumers' purchase enthusiasm has become increasingly rising.

The customer manager of the above -mentioned joint -stock bank reminds that young people should clarify the gold and investment funds. Do not think that as long as it is physical gold, the appreciation space is the same as the international gold price.Taking the popular golden bean as an example, many young people buy it at the price of more than 500 yuan per gram in the gold shop and 12 pieces a year. When they are redeemed, they find a loss.

In fact, because of factors such as processing and brand premiums, the recovery price of gold jewelry will be lower than the sales price; from the perspective of financial management, if you want to invest in gold, the gold bars with lower fees and the accumulation of banks are a better choice."This year, our bank's accumulation gold transactions are very active. Buying in batches can lock the lower price in advance. It is also convenient to get physical gold at the counter after reaching a certain amount." The customer manager introduced.

In addition, industry insiders remind citizens who buy gold investment to pay attention to whether the gold products they buy can be repurchased. Some banks only repurchase gold bars sold out of their own, and some product banks do not provide repurchase services.

In response to such a hot gold market, Dong Ximiao, chief researcher at Zhaolian, pointed out that domestic investors generally like to invest in gold, especially young people prefer to buy small grams of gold jewelry.However, the price of gold is not unchanged, affected by the various complex factors of the international market, and the price fluctuations are obvious.

In Dong Ximiao's view, first of all, investors must have basic investment and wealth management knowledge and have a certain understanding of the precious metal market to avoid the risks in the investment process.In particular, we must fully understand the characteristics of the international and domestic market price fluctuations and possible risks, and make rational investment.

Secondly, investment and wealth management should start from the foundation of personal risk appetite, investment capacity, and investment experience to do a good job of asset allocation.Investment must buy the products you know.At present, many investors, especially young people, are prone to the "herd effect" when investing. If you buy what you buy, you can buy what you can.

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