Gold stocks have strengthened again, the market's first golden stock ETF (517520) rose by more than 1%in the early morning, and the market traffic was active

2024-02-22 15:39:41 hot topic

As of 10:31 on January 5,hot topic 2024, China Securities Stock and Shenzhen Gold Industry Stock Index (931238) rose 0.73%, ingredients stocks China Gold International (02099) rose 2.99%, Xingye Yinxi (000426) rose 2.88%, Zhou Dasheng Shengsheng(002867) (002867) rose 2.73%, Tide Hongli (002345) (002345) rose 2.38%, and Jiangxi Copper (600362) shares (00358) rose 2.02%.Golden stock ETF (517520) rose over 1%in the market, and now rose 0.71%. The latest price was reported at 1 yuan. The turnover of the market reached 8.445 million yuan, and the turnover rate was 7.98%.

Jin Rui Futures said that the employment data of the United States announced yesterday is better than expected. The market continues to play a game on the future Fed's expectations, and precious metal prices shock at a high level.From a medium -to -long perspective, the United States is currently at the end of the policy tightening cycle and is facing the pressure of continuous economic decline. Under the expected expectations and risk aversion, the long -term configuration value of precious metals will continue to appear, and it is expected that the price of precious metals will still increase in the future.

The data shows that as of December 29, 2023, the top ten rights heavy shares of China Stock Exchange Shanghai -Shenzhen Gold Industry Stock Index (931238) were Zijin Mining (601899) (601899), Shandong Gold (600547) (600547), and Intime Gold(000975), CICC Gold (600489) (600489), Chifeng Gold (600988) (600988), Zhaojin Mining (01818), Zijin Mining (02899), Chow Tai Fook (01929), Western Mining (601168) (601168),Shandong Gold (01787), the total top ten rights stocks accounted for 65.31%.

Gold Stock ETF (517520), off -site connection (Class A: 020411; Class C: 020412).