Our province will build more than 10 county commercial leading counties in the country

2024-02-22 14:41:06 frontline information

  Provincial Department of Commerce,速递资讯 Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and Provincial Department of Finance, recently released by 10 departments such as the "Three -year Action Implementation Plan for the Shanxi Provincial County Commercial Business (2023-2025)" proposed that by 2025, they will strive for more than 60 counties (Municipal and districts) are included in the pilot county of commercial construction operations in national -level counties to create more than 10 nationally county commercial "leading counties".

  In order to better meet the demand for the revitalization of rural industries and the production and living needs of rural residents, give full play to the important role of the countryside as the consumer market and factor market, and help comprehensively promote the rural revitalization strategy, the 10 departments of our province formulate this document.In accordance with the "Plan", the three -year operation of county commercial business is implemented, and the county's coordinating planning, focusing on county seats, townships, and villages are established and improved.By 2025, win more than 60 counties (cities, districts) into pilot counties in national -level county commercial construction actions to create more than 10 nationwide commercial "leading counties" in the country.Determine 3 to 4 "Leading County", and in 2025, 4 to 5 "Leading County".The province's county business has achieved 100%of the "basic type" goal. Among them, more than 60%of county business has achieved the goal of "enhancement" or above.