Art -painted 丨 Liquor Art Cai, Abluni Design Weekly Interprets Gao Ding's "Zhen" aesthetics in Guangzhou

2024-02-21 23:42:00 breaking news

Original title: Art Painting 丨 Liquid Light Art Cai,惊爆资讯 Abluni designed the strength of Guangzhou in Guangzhou to interpret Gao Ding "Zhen" aesthetics

On December 8th, the annual design event with the theme of "Amaze" -2023 Guangzhou Design Weekly opened Huacheng, adding a strong color to the upcoming 2023.

This influential design industry event in Asia, on the first day of launch, is like weaving, and the scene can be described as popular.

As one of the major exhibitors of this event, "Artist" Abluni was surprised to appear in "Poly Poly A9T08" with the proud gesture of its high -end art coatings, which attracted widespread attention.

In this exhibition, Abluni not only conveyed its unique product design concept to the audience, but also demonstrated the brand values of Aberoni "quality life plus good" brand values through on -site layouts and interactive scenarios.The design shows a high -end lifestyle, which has attracted many designers and art lovers to visit and check in.

Aberoni's booths are fully used in simple winds, supplemented by bright lights, simple but unique, and will not be inferior to the design of many design tide people.

It is worth mentioning that Abluni abandoned the traditional way of displaying the product in the way of carried by bottles and cans.Space has created a unique visual feast for the exhibitors.

According to Zhang Jianjun, the person in charge of the Abluni Investment Department, this design Zhou Abluni brought a variety of new products, new crafts and new effects.The "treasure" created by ingenuity.

For exampleAbluni porcelain crackingThe use of clear water and concrete to create the effect of old metals, which is very textured, divided into large, medium cracks, and small lungs;

andAbeloni BulgariTouch it with a sense of skin, and the texture is very soft. It deeply interprets what is called "moisture and silent";

Abluni lamb leatherIt has a very obvious leather texture, and it feels very flexible, retaining the pattern of the leather, showing luxury but not publicity.

In addition to new products, Abluni also brings many classic hot products, such as delicate feelKaraposo; Crystal clearFlash stone; HardnessRefined stone;Cloud sleeve... ...

On the other side of the booth is the color card of Abluni, gold rush stones, marine shells and other colors. Each color represents different personalities and shows their dreams and expectations for the future. The audience can directly feel the color of the color.Charm, dialogue, the current popular color trend.

It is reported that every model in the Abluni booth is coded. After the customer chooses the good model, you can refer to the model number of the model to use the Abluni color card to color the color to meet the customer's various personalized needs.

Perhaps, only when you see Abluni's products, you will believe that there are really brands that can perfectly combine art and humanities, so that we can feel the infinite possibilities of paint use and space design.

The reason why I can do this is because Abluni has always maintained its original intention. Only one thing for more than 20 years is how to make the brand and quality of art coatings well.

Today, Abluni has the largest domestic art paint production base in China. The full -process "environment -friendly" product line has passed the China National Inspection Center test, French A+environmental testing, European IAC environmental certification, Chinese children's room wall coating testingMany authoritative certifications such as China's mildew -resistant and resistant resistance detection, aldehyde removal performance testing, and ten ring environmental protection certification.

In order to present the most perfectly in the square inch and create higher value for customers, Abluni continues to analyze and launch the corresponding new products from multiple perspectives such as national preferences, consumer groups, and market environments.The home experience.

As of press time, the Guangzhou Design Week has not yet ended. If you want to feel the artistic aesthetics in the creation space, Abluni is looking forward to you at the A9T08 at Hall 9T08 at Poly World Trade Expo in Guangzhou!