Guanlang Xuexue

2024-02-22 16:41:13 Breaking news December 31st News(YMG All -Media Reporter Yi Yulin) On the evening of December 29,一线资讯 Guanlang Xuexue- "Gold" winter met in Yantai and the launching ceremony of the American Consumer Season and Business Media Bank was held in Yantai Sports Park.This event is hosted by Yantai City Commercial Bureau, consisting of light shows, ice dance, event release, the media's flag, announcement of the launch, and band performance.

At the event site, a stage was set up on the north side of the Xuexue Park. Round ice rinks were set up in front of the left front of the stage. The stage design was integrated into the ice and snow concept. The naked 3D screen on both sides brought an immersive experience to the citizens at the scene.The event started with a dreamy ice dance. A dancer wore a snow -and -snow dance and danced on the ice.Finally, the event ends with a rhythmic light show.At the launching ceremony, the Yantai Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued the "Guanlang Xue Snow -‘ Gold ’Winter Meets the Beauty in Yantai."Subsequently, with the interpretation of the host, the citizens who were present distributed the "Guanlang Xue -‘ Gold ’Winter Meet the United States in Yantai."

It is understood that the Yantai City Commercial Bureau and relevant departments and units will organize the winter consumer season activities with the theme of "Guanlang Xue -'Golden' Winter in Yantai" from January to February 2024EssenceThis winter consumption season is divided into 10 events, namely: the guests met guests -the beauty of happiness, the beauty of the children met — the beauty of sports, when the theater met the idol -the beauty of culture, the beauty of the whale shark in the hot spring -the beauty of the travel tourWhen the stars meet the sea -the beauty of Wonderland, the old month meets the ice — the beauty of the silver, the beauty of the flying snow — the beauty of the micro -醺, the beauty of the opening of the port, the beauty of the inheritance, the fireworks of the ancient city — harmoniousThe beauty of the history, when the history meets the reality -the beauty of crossing.