The number of outbreaks of food -based diseases in my country dropped 11%

2024-02-21 23:15:57 hot news

Xinhua News Agency,热门话题 Beijing, December 13 (Reporter Dong Ruifeng) Cao Xuetao, deputy director of the National Health and Health Commission, said on the 12th that the food safety management work in my country has made positive progress. Compared with the "13th Five -Year Plan" period, the number of outbreaks of food -oriented diseases has decreased by 11 11 %.

At the home activities of the National Health and Health Committee held on the day of the Food Safety Publicity Week, Cao Xuetao introduced that my country has implemented a national food safety risk monitoring plan. According to the incidence and evolution trend of food -oriented diseases, foods in different regions and different risks are drawn. Safety risk maps, guide localities to release risk early warning information in a timely manner, and remind the public to purchase and store food reasonably.

Food -based diseases are commonly known as food poisoning and are one of the important public health issues in the world.In order to strengthen risk early warning, the National Committee of the National Health and Health has established three major monitoring systems: monitoring of food -oriented disease case monitoring, outbreak monitoring of food -oriented diseases, and national food -based disease molecular traceability networks.

According to Li Ning, director of the National Food Safety Risk Evaluation Center, the monitoring system shows that from 2010 to 2022, a total of more than 46,000 outbound diseases reported on food -oriented diseases nationwide, mainly in home and catering service places.Among them, the outbreak of food -based diseases of the family is mainly caused by the pollution of wild poisonous mushrooms and pathogenic bacteria by mistake.Dining service venues should focus on preventing and controlling bacterial food -based diseases.

Li Ning said that the temperature in winter is reduced, and the risk of food -based diseases will be reduced accordingly, but some pathogenic bacteria and poisonous plants can still be ignored.The New Year's Day Spring Festival is approaching. It is necessary to prevent food ingredients and semi -finished products caused by more shopping, excessive shopping, or not putting it in the refrigerator.