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On the Internet, Israel is the "dad" of the United States, which is used to describe the attitude of the United States to Israel -there must be a request, and everything is favorable.Since the establishment of the United Nations, the United States has used a total of 87 "one -vote veto", of which 53 of them are to favor Israel.It has been used 17 times in the past ten years, and this time rejected the "Pakistani Fire Resolution Draft" will completely collapse the international status of the United States.

After the Baza -Israel -Israel conflict was upgraded, many countries urgently called on Pakistani to stop the fire immediately to avoid the humanitarian crisis and political resolution conflict.Russia submitted a ceasefire bill, calling on immediately, continuous and fully respecting humanitarian ceasefire, which was opposed by the United States and failed to pass.

Immediately afterwards, a hospital bombardment in the Gaza Strip caused more than 700 women and children to be killed, causing great indignation in the international community.Since the upgrade of Palestinian -Israeli conflict, the number of double casualties has exceeded 10,000, and the Gaza Strip, which has been broken all supplies, has faced a "three -none" state.

Brazil submitted a new proposal to the United Nations, including condemning Hamas, calling on the party to stop the request of 1.1 million residents in northern Gaza to move to the south to release the hostages unconditionally.However, it was not mentioned that "stopping the fire immediately", but called for the implementation of "humanitarian suspension" in order to allow UN humanitarian organizations to enter.

It can be seen that Brazil wants to propose whether to stop the fire, whether or not they must act immediately. The Gaza Strip 2 million Barstinians are in danger.

Russia proposed two amendments:

First, the "Security Council clearly condemn the non -difference attack against civilians and civilian facilities against Gaza Strip, including the attack on the Akhley Hospital".

Second, the content of "the Security Council called for a long -lasting and comprehensive ceasefire".

However, in the actual voting voting, the United States voted against the Brazilian proposal, Russia and the United Kingdom abstained, and other member states of the Security Council voted for votes.

It is worth noting that the United States uses the identity of five permanent members and adopts "one -vote veto."In this regard, Zhang Jun, a resident representative of the United Nations, expressed "shock and disappointment."

He said: The state of the country said that the Security Council would take action, but their voting position undoubtedly made us (referring to the country that supported the draft) suspected that they did not want to let the Security Association have any action.

Although it was not named, the words were very severe.Similarly, Russian representatives also condemned: No matter how the United States play itself as a peacekeeper person, the results of the voting undoubtedly show that the hypocrisy of the United States has been removed.

Multi -countries expressed strong dissatisfaction with the United States who use "one -vote veto" to maintain Israel's manufacturing humanitarian crisis.When the subsequent third Committee of the 78th UN General Assembly reviewed human rights issues, many representatives at the scene chose to carry a spokesman for the United States to express strong dissatisfaction.

Even so, the United States has not forgotten to slander the Chinese side, which has aroused severe criticism from representatives of many countries, and has spoke to support the Chinese side.A few countries such as the United States and Britain on the spot on the spot:

1. Use human rights issues as an excuse to blame China to cover up your own spots.

2. The so -called lies about Xinjiang cannot deceive the world.

3. The plot of the development of China's development by human rights cannot succeed.

4. It is unpopular to provoke confrontation in the field of human rights.

While the United States claims to avoid hamctist disasters on the Gaza Strip, it has given Israel a lot of military support, and there is a favidence that must be required on the international stage such as the United Nations, which has caused resentment from the international community.

Some people say that this is the United States to cover up its crimes.Because the current territory of the United States is also obtained by Israel.

From the initial opposition to the founding of Israel to seeing it as "beautiful dad", it has experienced a 180 -degree attitude in the middle.It is because the United States can not only use Israel as a weapon against the Soviet Union, but also increase its influence in the Middle East.

In addition, as of 2020, the United States has provided $ 236 billion in military assistance to Israel. According to American economist Stope, this number should actually be $ 1.6 trillion.It is expected that in the next few years, it will also surpass its aid to Ukraine to further involve the situation in the Middle East.

It must be clear that this time the United States allies already know the seriousness of the matter, and have not followed the draft resolution of the Pakistani conflict with the United States. The United States stood alone on the opposite side of peace and annihilated the human side.