"China Science and Technology Enterprise Research Report · Yangtze River Delta (2023)" released

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Consulting science and innovation is 爆料资讯the future.Looking at the world, the wave of new rounds of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reforms has risen; focusing on the local area, scientific and technological innovation has become a new engine to promote the high -quality development of China's economy.At the recent in -depth promotion of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, strengthening scientific and technological innovation and industrial innovation cross -regional collaboration has been promoted to the national strategic height.On the global science and technology ruler, how to understand the development level and historical stage of Chinese scientific and technological innovation?How to solve the "stuck neck" problem faced by Chinese science and technology innovation enterprises?How can Chinese companies produce an inexhaustible innovationIntersection

On December 9th, on the theme of "Innovation and Collective Links Future", "2023 Central European Creation, Nanjing and the Yangtze River Delta High -quality Integrated Development Forum", China and Europe International Business School andThe Shanghai Channel jointly released the first "China Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise Research Report · Yangtze River Delta (2023)".

After one and a half years, the team of experts composed of 30 Chinese European professors and researchers and more than 10 people's network reporters and editorial team members conducted in -depth on the ground to investigate the 25 parents triangular benchmarking science and innovation enterprises.The story shows the development and achievements of Chinese science and technology innovation enterprises, draws the growth context of science and technology enterprises, and tells the development, challenges and innovation of Chinese science and technology innovation enterprises.

In the end, the project team condensed the results of the research into three main reports- "Global Science and Technology CreationComparison of international comparison: Challenge and Opportunities "," The Evolution and Development of Chinese Science and Technology and Innovation Policy "and" Research: Research: Science and Technology, Innovation and Due to Hard and Effective ", which are compared with international scientific and technological innovation cities, using policy tool analysis, clarifying China to clarify ChinaThe background and development context of the science and technology innovation, further through field surveys to explore the dilemma and experience of enterprises at the practical level, and the future trends and opportunities in the field of science and innovation.

At the same time, the report shared 25 vivid and informative benchmarking science and technology innovation corporate research cases, covering the five major fields of specialized new, future intelligence, future medical, digital economy, and green low -carbon. It aims to analyze the actual pain points faced by Chinese science and technology enterprises.Summarize the practical results of enterprises in science and technology innovation, and then form experience that can be replicated and borrowed.

World -class business school case: the first time out of the classroom, facing the public

As a world -class business school, since the establishment of the Central and European institutes, it has attached great importance to the independent development and application of high -quality cases.Library, contains nearly 2800 high -quality teaching cases.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the hospital in China, the China -Europe and People's Daily Shanghai Channel pioneered in the form of corporate cases to write a report set to achieve the first time that the China -Europe case was out of the classroom and shared cutting -edge insights with the decision -making of the Volkswagen and think tanks.This is also the first time that business schools and mainstream media have tried to cooperate and develop special cases, promote cases from "plane" to "three -dimensional", and more vividly tell the story of Chinese corporate stories.

It is worth mentioning that the results of this research will also feed back the teaching of the School of Business.On the basis of this survey case, China -Europe has developed 11 teaching cases. These companies will enter the classroom of global business schools through the internationally renowned case library (Harvard, Yiwei, and European Case Exchange Center) in cooperation with China -Europe.Become the study and research object of global business managers, and contribute Chinese plans and Chinese wisdom to the world's innovative economic development.

Chinese Science and Technology Enterprise: How to solve the "trouble of growth"

Why can Weilai seize historic opportunities and become the leader of the new forces of cars?WhyCan it rise quickly and make China's own innovative medicine?What are the core issues faced by these scientific and technological enterprises and how are they solved?What future trends represent their development path?From the development of these enterprises, what kind of innovative methodology can we summarize for more companies for reference?The heads of the 25 Chinese benchmark science and technology enterprises generously shared them generously, tracing the road of overcoming their dilemma, and vividly told the world to tell the world about the growth story of Chinese enterprises to open up and innovate.

The research and development show that, in the context of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial changes, Chinese science and technology enterprises generally face the "growth of funds, talents and other resource constraints, commercialization, corporate governance problems, and international challenges in the development of science and technology innovation.trouble".Taking the shortage of talents as an example, my country's high -end scientific and technological talent layout and reserves in the field of cutting -edge technology and future industrial fields are insufficient.Data show that Chinese talents are large but high -level talents are insufficient.The total number of digital science and technology talents in China is 128,000, ranking first in the world, accounting for 17%of the global total, but high -level talent (high reference index is not less than 20) is only 7,000, accounting for only 9%of the global total.Essence

"Research Summary: Science and Technology and Crossing Horries" emphasized that it is necessary to achieve high -quality and sustainable development of socio -economic and economical, urgently need to accelerate the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, stimulate the vitality of the enterprise's market entity, and give full play to the strategic support of scientific and technological innovation.The survey summary looked forward to the development of the development of Chinese science and technology enterprises from the four directions.

First, the high -quality development of Chinese science and technology enterprises needs to strengthen funds and talent supply, and to continuously improve supportive policies.

Second, science and technology enterprises must comprehensively analyze the external environment and internal conditions, comprehensively improve the commercial thinking and capabilities of the enterprise, and adhere to the market -oriented.

Third, in addition to expanding external factors such as financing channels and strengthening policy support, science and technology enterprises must also pay attention to internal exercises in strategic planning, corporate governance, and business management.The key to the success of science and technology innovation is still the company's own business capabilities. This not only requires a complete corporate governance structure and mechanism, but also requires excellent business management capabilities.

Fourth, in the face of the continuous reshaping of the global business environment, Chinese science and technology enterprises should start with the establishment of a localized strategy, business, and organizational ability, comprehensively examine the current status of internationalization, and build the toughness of the internationalization strategy of enterprises.

(Special page of China -Europe X People's Network Case Case Project Project Project)

The trend and challenge of creating a global science and technology innovation center

The "China Science and Technology Enterprise Research Report · Yangtze River Delta (2023)" not only insists on insight into corporate innovation, but also provides a research perspective of creating a global scientific and technological innovation city from a macro perspective.

The scientific and innovative enterprises surveyed in this survey are concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta region. The main report "Global Science and Technology Innovation City and International Comparison: Challenges and Opportunities" takes Shanghai as an example to analyze the trend and challenge of creating a global science and technology innovation center.

Drawing on many well -known reports at home and abroad, and making appropriate dynamic adjustments based on the characteristics of Shanghai scientific and technological innovation capabilities, the "Global Science and Technology Innovation Cities and International Comparison: Challenges and Opportunities" has established a system of evaluation indicators of global science and technology innovation cities.From the perspective of the constituent elements and core functions of global scientific and technological innovation cities, global scientific and technological innovation cities have the following five dimensions: breakthroughs in scientific research, source of technological innovation, innovation, innovationLead, allocate resource allocation, and innovate the internationalization of the environment.According to this indicator system, Shanghai has ranked seventh in the world's 100 scientific and technological innovation cities and the third Asia Pacific.

The trend of global scientific and technological innovation and development is constantly changing, which is specifically reflected as: digital technology revolution has continued to accelerate; the international innovation pattern has continued to reshape, and the focus of gravity has gradually shifted eastward; open innovation and cross -border cooperation continues to develop;It means that emerging economies will face higher international rules; some key areas may form a diversified technology and standard system.

Under this trend, "Global Science and Technology Innovation City and International Comparison: Challenges and Opportunities" put forward countermeasures for science and technology central cities represented by Shanghai.

First, enhance the core competitiveness of the Science and Technology Innovation Center, create a major industrial base, and achieve the advancement of high -quality innovation from "high output" to "high value".Innovative ecosystem.

Second, it attracts high -level overseas talents with an international competitive system and service advantages, and builds a talent highland of global scientific and technological innovation. For example, optimizing talent tax policies, creating an institutional environment that is conducive to the convergence of global high -end talents.

Third, it is a strategic scientist with major national strategies, major platforms, major disciplines, and major tasks in Shanghai.

Fourth, the new track and future industry in advance, accelerate the development of the "nuclear explosion" industry innovation, such as "2+3+6+4+5" modern industry system around ShanghaiPharmaceuticals, artificial intelligence, new energy, the Internet of Things and other key industries have created a number of industrial agglomeration areas and industrial parks with distinctive characteristics, high -end formats, and prominent energy levels.

Fifth, continue to promote high -level opening of Shanghai to the outside world, and build an important hub for global innovation networks, such as strengthening cooperation and exchanges between important institutions in international scientific and technological innovation and international organizations to share scientific and technological innovation resources and experience.

Wang Hong, dean of the China -Europe International Business School and professor of management, pointed out that the "Research Report on the Chinese Science and Technology Enterprise · Yangtze River Delta (2023)" summarizes experience, creating knowledge, promoting innovation, and helping development.The key to understanding the development of Chinese science and technology innovation is also a treasure tank, which contributes to the development of China Science and Technology and Innovation.

Jin Yuchun, general manager of the Shanghai Branch and head of Shanghai Channel, further said that top business schools+central media = thoughtful stories and interesting cases.The fact is the best story, and the story is the best research.The project team cooperated with the professional analysis of experts and scholars through the media "storytelling" to allow case stories and professionalism."Chinese companies tell Chinese stories" are both sharing and spread, but also encouragement.

"You can pick the stars in the tallest building, and Zhilu Yaofang arrives in the mountains." We were surprised to see that Chinese science and technology innovation is from the introduction and absorption to independent innovation;However, we should also realize that scientific and technological innovation is a long -term historical process. From the wind of Chinese science and technology innovation enterprises, we also need to be pregnant with the heart of the redness and sail.