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Original title: Biden announced that the re -election campaign headquarters chose a private house in his hotly discussed informationhometown

According to the US "Congress" report, on the 18th local time, Biden announced that he would use his home in Wilmington, Tellawa as the headquarters of the 2024 campaign.

It is reported that on the same day, Biden said in a statement, "The values of my family, my eternal optimism, and my firm belief in the middle class as our country's pillar came from the hometown of my hometown -this.That is why there is no better place than this headquarters for our re -election. "

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During the presidential election in 2020, Biden chose Philadelphia as the campaign headquarters.However, due to the new crown epidemic, Biden also conducted a large number of campaign at Wilmington's home.

During his tenure as Vice President and Senator, Biden often traveled to and from Washington and Wilmington's home by train, so he won the nickname of "Mei Tieqiao".As president, he spent many weekends there.

According to the United States Political News Network, the scale of Biden's campaign has been relatively small since its launch. This week, three new employees have been added earlier this week, a total of seven staff members.

Biden's campaign team has previously announced that since the launch of the re -election in April, a total of $ 72 million has been raised.Trump's fundraising in the same period was $ 35 million.This amount may help to calm some people's concerns about Biden's ability to raise money when they are re -elected.