After Malinka lost in Wudongzhong Town, the commander of the Wu Army's chief of the lion opened his mouth and asked the United States to help 400 billion again

2024-02-21 22:07:03 Latest News

TheLatest News picture shows Ukrainian President Zelei

On the 5th, a presidential consultant of Ukraine said that after December, Ukraine's financial funds will face the dilemma of being "used".In this regard, Zelei Sky intends to make aid requests to the US Congress Senator at a online meeting.Ukrainian President gave up the original plan of the video conference.

Yermark, director of the Ukrainian President's Office, also issued a warning recently. If you do not get US aid again, you may lose the control of "recovering the land". In addition, the Ukrainian army will no longer take the initiative to attack and convert to defense.Under such circumstances, Ukraine may lose this war.He also said that Ukraine's current fiscal risk is very serious. In 2024, the Ukrainian government's fiscal deficit may reach $ 43 billion, which will put tremendous pressure on the social development and economy of Ukraine. In the endUkrainian assistance, including military and economic aspects, to help Ukraine through the severe fiscal situation.

The picture shows Russian President Putin

Facing the situation of Ukraine's financial funds, Russian President Putin said that if Ukraine loses the support of Western countries, it can only maintain a week.In addition, Saranda Yang, director of the White House Budget Office, also stated on the 4th that the US side's funding support for Ukraine has been "exhausted", which also means that Ukraine is about to lose the most powerful "supporter".According to statistics, the United States has assisted Ukraine nearly $ 111 billion, but the consumption of Russia and Ukraine's conflict is far beyond the US budget. Although Biden still insists on adding assistance to Ukraine, the Republican people of the United States have strong opposition and believes that they will continue to assist in assistance.Ukraine is not cost -effective, and it is difficult to defeat Russia in Ukraine.Although most US senior officials said they should not continue to support Ukraine, Ukraine still "reached out" to ask the United States a lot of assistance.

On the 4th, Zalu, the commander -in -chief of the Ukrainian armed forces, sang nearly 17 million artillery bullets and 400 billion funds to Austin, the Minister of Defense Austin, to help Ukraine get rid of the current dilemma. Subsequently, Austin was surprised and claimed to claim thatThere are so many artillery shells in the world.Except, due to the changes in the EU's internal political situation, the European Union could not complete its previous decision to Ukraine 50 billion euros.

The picture shows the Director of the White House Budget Office, Saranda Yang

In the face of Ukraine's "lion's big mouth", the United States may not be able to agree this time.Director of the White House Budget Office said that if there is no funds to buy weapons, the United States will have to stop assisting Ukraine, which will also make Ukraine "lose" the combat power on the battlefield and lose the war.The United States abandoned Ukraine because it was "irreversible". From the perspective of weapons and equipment, almost all the main war weapons of the US Army supported Ukraine.From the perspective of the number of support, there are a lot of US equipment, but its production speed is too slow. In the general power tank capacity, only one battalion is left in one year for various reasons.Nearly 600 tanks need to be consumed, which is definitely not available to the US military industry.

The picture shows the United States' assistance to Ukraine

In terms of the actual effects of assistance equipment, Ukraine has proven to use almost "disaster" counterattacks that these weapons and equipment are thrown out a "bottomless hole" and will be continuously consumed by the precise weapons of the Russian army.Coupled with the beginning of a new round of Pakistani conflict, assistance to Israel is more in line with the "core interests" of the United States, which will also affect the United States' assistance in Ukraine.Therefore, in terms of the current situation, this year's winter Ukraine may be "difficult".

"No matter what kind of conflict is, peace is always our only choice."Russia and Ukraine conflicts are not only a regional conflict, but also a challenge to international order.Under the current circumstances, all parties should jointly explore how to end this conflict on the basis of respecting international law and the sovereignty of the public, and avoid a more serious humanitarian crisis.