"Second New Comedy Troupe" starring "Big Scene" to kill the star to step on the thunder crew crazy rescue

2024-02-22 15:11:09 frontline information

Directed by director Li Ji,frontline information screenwriter Xu Yiyang and Li Ji, Liu Ran served as the producer, starring Wang Tianfang, Ma Xudong, Guanle, Kutan, Lu Yan, Ye Liu, Zhang Youwei, Li Fei, potatoes and Zhang Chengyi starred inThe comedy disaster movie "Big Scene" announced the killing today, and at the same time released a set of characters and a story stills.The film tells the hilarious story of the star Lin Dong (Ma Xudong) who was unfortunately "stepped on the thunder" during the filming.All the actors of the film come from the "Season 2 of the annual comedy contest".

The crew is doubling

In the newly released characters, the eight starring actors appeared with a sense of story: Wang Tianfang played the "action stand -in" strong son, and supported the "prop by master" played by Li Fei.Lin Dong, played by Ma Xudong, enjoys top -level treatment under the group members of the crew, and has full wrist feelings; the "recording artist" played by Guanle played to someone's heart -shaped mineral water expression.The unfolding of the emotional line; the "investor" played by Kitan's "Investor" Master Yang's face was full of smiles, like a mascot in the crew; the "director" played by Lu Yan was intoxicated, with his own witty temperament;Deputy Director "Pomegranate's big mouth lunch, sad but full of joy; the" production "old horse played by Zhang Youwei laughed and lay down in the rainy mud, and the seemingly depressed emotions were released;"Xiao Liu Malu raised his stick, and his expression was lonely.It is just the release of a set of stills, which can lead to infinite reveries of the film story.The "New Comedy Sky Tour" composed of the "Two Happy Man" will inevitably inject a strong joy into the film "The Big Scene", which will look forward to it.

A story still shows the core of the story-"Step on the Thunder": The film crew rushed to shoot the shooting progress for killing youths, but was continuously delayed by the big star Lin Dong, who was pursuing the perfect star, and attracted the dissatisfaction of the crew.Inadvertently, Lin Dong stepped on a "pine -haired" mines. The good news was that he would not lift his feet and fried. The bad news would be fried at any time.Is Lin Dong, who is full of arrogance, eventually turned danger?How can all the complaint crews implement rescue?Where does the "universal" stand -in?The above unknown is waiting to wait and see.

New Comedy Film Youth Filmman Rookie

The movie "Big Scene" belongs to the "Comedy+Disaster" type film, which is a rare comedy style in the current market.The film combines the mines and the expression of comedy and comedy, and the popular social relationships are used to slightly into a "crew" that encountered dangerous situations.In the film, there are not only praise for villains, as well as the irony of the stars who have fallen. In the form of comedians "group building", they have served a hilarious "big scene" for the audience.From the "two lovers" that the audience loves to the audience to the "filmmakers" who are about to go to the big screen, the "New Comedy Troupe" has continuously enlarged the comedy elements and brings the recognized laughs to more audiences.