Restricted assets suddenly broke out, and the gold closing closed was new high. What was the situation?

2024-02-22 16:32:02 breaking news

US Treasury bonds rebounded on Wednesday,特快资讯 dragging the yield to the level that has not seen in the past few months, because the demand for US debt auctions is strong, indicating thatInvestors believe that inflation will continue to slow downEssence

After the results of the five -year US Treasury bond auction are better than expected, the five -year to 30 -year US debt yields fell at least 10 basis points on the same day.The auction worth $ 58 billion in this time was sold at a yield of 3.801%& mdash; & mdash;Most of the time more than 3.86%.The 10 -year US debt yield fell to 3.79%. The last time the yield appeared in July.

The two -year US debt auction on Tuesday also recorded a yield below expected, which indicatesInvestors are willing to be satisfied with a more gentle returnEssenceThere is evidence that after two years of interest rate hikes, inflation is moving towards the Fed's goal, which has promoted the sharp rise in the US bond market for the second consecutive month.Investors are expected to start rate cuts from next yearEssence

Dan Mulholland, a senior executive director of Crews & Associates, said that in general, "auction has moved with the market", and "the demand for US Treasury bonds has been very large in the past eight weeks", partly because the inflation trend.

Mulholland said that technical factors have also played a certain role, including buying expectations related to the annual Guan, as well as normal seasonal lack of other types of debt issuance (such as corporate bonds).

U.S. Treasury bonds have begun to rebound before auction on Wednesday, partly due to the rise of many European bond markets earlier, and expectations of stimulating passive investors at the end of the month.Due to the reduction in the trading day during this week, the transaction volume is lower than the average level, which may also increase the impact of capital flow on prices.

"For the bond market, these months have been unusual months," said James Camp, managing director of asset management company Eagle Asset Management."The Fed's interest rate is touched, or the end of the Fed's tightening cycle is undoubtedly a good thing for bonds."

The U.S. government will sell a $ 40 billion seven -year US debt on Thursday.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the US debt overnight, the hedge assets have risen significantly, and the Swiss franc exchange rate has soared by more than 1%.This brought Swiss franc to the strongest level since the Swiss Central Bank intervention in January 2015.In 2023, the Swiss francly set the strongest annual increase since 2010.

It fell to the lowest point since July.Gold jump upCreate a new high.   

Wednesday is an important day for cryptocurrencies.Ethereum's short position clearance is $ 29 million, setting the highest record since the beginning of December.Bitcoin rose to $ 4,3500 because people again speculated that the US Securities and Exchange Commission was about to approve the exchanges of the largest tokens to the largest token. 

At the same time, when the rebound of US stocks was approaching the historical record, it was fatigue, and the "seven giants" were sold sharply.Under the warning of the super -buying level and betting on the Fed's excessive pigeons, the market's concerns have surfaced.

"The market has priced at the pigeon faction, and the stock market will never be priced twice for the same message," said Tom Essaye, a former Meilin Securities trader and founding the current affairs communication of "The Sevens Report"."At the beginning of 2024, the market needs to see a new positive catalyst in order to push the S & P 500 index to a historical high." According to CFRA's Sam Stovall, 90%of the stocks in the S & P 500 index are currently traded above the 50 -day average line.This is another sign of excessive prosperity.