"No child is left behind on the road to education" and multi-party cooperation to improve the quality of "sending education to the door"

2024-02-22 16:02:41 time information

  CCTV News:Today (December 3rd) is time informationthe International Day of Disabled Persons. A few days ago, the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the Action Plan for Expanding and Improving the Quality of Basic Education in the New Era, making it clear that by 2027, the enrollment rate of compulsory education for school-age disabled children will remain above that of ninety-seven percent.

  Sending teachers to the door is an important measure to ensure compulsory education for school-age severely disabled children and adolescents who cannot attend school. In May 2021, the Fujian Provincial Department of Education selected 15 pilot schools for special education reform, among which Nan 'an Special Education School undertook the pilot project of "sending teachers to their homes". Over the past two years, what has been the pilot situation? Look at the reporter's first-line research.

  In Sihuang Village, Xiamei Town, Nan 'an City, Fujian Province, wanglili, a teacher from Nan 'an Special Education School, is giving 9-year-old Huang Haoyang a school-based textbook labor skills class. Although Haoyang's home is 15 kilometers away from the school, the school arranges 2 class hours of home service for him every week. Nowadays, Haoyang's language expression and self-care ability have been improved a lot.

  There are 74 teachers in Nan 'an Special Education School. They not only need to take care of 343 students at school, but also provide home service to 195 severely disabled students in 26 towns. The geographical area is large and the students are widely distributed. President You Zhitian told us that when we first started to send teachers to our homes, the teachers had almost no enthusiasm.

  You Zhitian, President of Nan 'an Special Education School:(Originally) sending teachers to your home is also supported by funds. How many people (can't go to school) will give you how much funds to support it. Only a little teaching AIDS and equipment can be purchased for children, and the channels for the use of funds are limited, so teachers' subsidies cannot be directly used, so there is no way to solve teachers' travel expenses, and it is difficult to carry out this work.

  In order to solve the problem of financial guarantee, the education and finance departments of Nan 'an City, on the basis of ensuring the standard of public funds per student for sending teachers to school, issued the standard of work allowance for sending teachers to school in special education schools, which solved the worries of teachers. However, in the process of sending teachers to the door, teachers found new problems.

  Wanglili, a teacher of Nan 'an Special Education School:After the teacher leaves, children have no channels to receive education and study again.

  Due to the general financial difficulties of these disabled students' families who need to be sent to their homes, parents have little effective intervention in their children's learning, and the students' learning effect is not ideal only by the teacher's point-to-point one-way delivery. At the same time, teachers also found that many children who stay in bed all the year round and have unstable emotional behavior need professional rehabilitation training more than those who study in cultural classes.

  "Cloud Schools" Gather Multi-resources to Improve the Quality of Teaching Delivery

  In order to better solve these difficulties found in the door-to-door work, in September 2021, Nan 'an City launched the first "cloud school" for special education in Fujian Province. They built a comprehensive service mechanism for sending and teaching with government-led, multi-party participation, medical and educational integration and precise assistance.

  At the home of disabled child Huang Haoyang, the reporter saw that he was attending classes with the students of Nan 'an Special Education School by video. Relying on the platform, it is precisely to break the time and space constraints, Nan 'an Cloud School, a resource center for special education in Fujian Province, jointly established by Nan 'an City and Quanzhou Teachers College. This door-to-door cloud platform was founded on the basis of radio and television network. The government provided a 40-inch color TV set and installed learning terminal equipment for students who need to send education free of charge, and also innovated the service mode of "send education+send health" through the way of government purchasing services. On the one hand, the professional medical rehabilitation service team offers five kinds of courses in the "cloud school", such as course cognition, life skills and behavior training, on the other hand, it provides rehabilitation services to different types of students on a regular basis.

  Today, Nan 'an City has established a support system led by the special education resource center, with the health construction, civil affairs, disabled persons' federations and other departments, as well as volunteers, caring enterprises, communities and other sectors of society taking the initiative to provide more social services for students' families in cloud schools.