Suzhou property market: Originally, buying a house is so professional, 99%of these knowledge do not know

2024-02-21 22:03:41 Express information

I am Uncle Su. I have many years of experience in Suzhou real estate research and investment. I have continued to pay attention to the property market information in Suzhou for a long time. I am familiar with the house purchase policy, buying a housing strategy and school district housing information. Welcome to pay attention and exchange.

The content of the question of buying a house in Suzhou below, fromWeChat public account "Su Shi said room"Selecting questions from fans:

Question: Uncle Su, hello, in Suzhou to buy a house, I want to ask the four new cities to develop for many years, and the current four new cities are developingofhow is it?

Uncle Su:Hello, first look at the new city of high trade, very close to the park, and strong planning development potential. Although the current subway and other supporting facilities need to be improved.Industry, education resources are high -quality, but transportation is generally in the planning, and living facilities need to be improved; the traffic of the high -speed rail new city is a major advantage, the industry has strong development, and the various supporting facilities are relatively complete.Line 4, rich in business facilities, but educational resources are average.

Question: Hello, Uncle Su, I am going to buy a new house, with a budget of 400W, self -occupation, first set, new house.Can the park be available in the car?Thanks.

Uncle Su:Hello, the current 4 million new houses in the park can be bought, but it is definitely not the core place!You can get on the car, Wei Pavilion, Takaham, and Shengpu, but the specific situation must be determined according to your specific situation.

Question: Uncle Su, hello, now I work near the Science and Technology City. I have a certain budget in my hand. I want to buy a new house as a wedding room. Is it worth buying at the Science and Technology City section?

Uncle Su:Hello, the Science and Technology City has policy resources to inclined, industrial gathering, planning, and beautiful ecological environment, but far away from the main urban area, it is relatively west.You can consider this sector.These real estate educational resources in the science and technology city sector are rich in business and complete. There are many large shopping malls in the surrounding area. The transportation is more convenient and worth buying.

Question: Uncle Su, hello, I want to buy a new house, the budget is only about 300!I have improved, and second -hand can also be accepted. The three -bedroom and two guards around 110 are popular.

Uncle Su:Hello, in fact, according to this situation, there are still a lot of selected areas, because the price of the park and the core area of the new district is relatively high, so it is mainly concentrated in the vicinity of the Yue City of Xiangcheng, the new city of the high -speed rail, the new city of Gusu Pingjiang, Wu Wu Pingjiang, WuZhongcheng South, Yinshan Lake, and Mudu.Wujiang Taihu New City.

Question: Uncle Su, hello, my down payment is about 1.2 million. I want to buy a better elementary and junior high school for my children. At present, I am more concerned about the old -fashioned junior high school Qingshan Campus or Gusu District.Ask Uncle Su, which is relatively good in the later period, thank you.