Gold's latest market trend analysis and exclusive operation recommendations for gold next week

2024-02-22 16:54:38 Popular information

Wang Qimeun has no gorgeous language here,Popular information no blave of Hua Hui, and the patience of being defeated or defeated.Treat the market with the most authentic attitude, and sincerely go to the market to invest in the market. I hope that my years of experience can give you a reasonable and scientific solution to add icing on the cake. There is no such big height to send charcoal in the snow.Reality.Hope to communicate with you who are confused and confused!

Many people think about what we struggle day and night in this market for this market?It is nothing more than seizing the opportunity to divide the cake in the market.In fact, it is not so easy. Many people say that they have no fortune and gradually have an indelible fear of the market. Every time you seduce every time you seduce, you have never missed.Shan, because you are afraid, you are in the market.It ’s not too deep in the market. In the final analysis, you are too naive. Every time you think that after you repeatedly think that the time is mature, have you ever thought that there is a word called things?

Many people react "Teacher Wang Qimeng, your thoughts, I can't touch it at all, sometimes staring at a trend, sometimes it becomes good."Maybe I have been short or more for several days in a row, so what about it?Analysis is not good for you to make a list. The fickle is the most useful lifestyle in this market. Just like the sense of smell of the wolf, you can immediately withdraw it.I still do n’t tell you if you are swollen, and you do n’t tell you, and continue to tell you that the teacher who holds patience is the most powerful, the most identity, and the most forceful teacher?What kind of logic is this, it doesn't work completely, because that's your money.Everyone must remember what I said today. The fickle is not wrong, making money is king!

Analysis of the trend of gold next week:

Gold Message Analysis: On Friday (January 5), in the US market, gold price trading was near $ 2040/ounce. The latest announced ADP data showed that the number of employment in private sector last month increased by 164,000.For 115,000 people.After the ADP data was released, the price of gold spit the increase and fell below the 2040 mark.Analysts pointed out that the latest announcement of the labor market data has not changed the rules of the game, but still challenges the more aggressive interest rate reduction pricing.ADP data is better than expected for the first time in five months, but the unexpected range is very small.The number of people who continued to apply for unemployment gold for the first time were lower than expected.Nevertheless, because the market has maintained an optimistic attitude towards the Fed's loose policy prospects, it is not surprising that the rate of return on Treasury bonds after the release of data is rising slightly.The meeting of the Federal Reserve from December 12th to 13th announced on Wednesday showed that policy makers are increasingly aware that inflation has been controlled, and it may be worried about the risks of over -tightening monetary policy.This increases the possibility of the Federal Reserve's interest rate cuts, which is favorable for the prospect of gold prices.Although the Federal Reserve announced that the uncertainty of the decision on interest rate cuts may keep gold prices high.According to the CME Fedwatch tool, traders expect the Federal Reserve to reduce interest rates at 25 basis points at a policy meeting on March 20. 66%.After the meeting of the meeting, the price of gold rebounded from two weeks, and the decline in the dollar boosted the needs of investors.The US dollar is soft and US interest rates are slightly low. However, the prospect of the strong economy in the United States may force the announcement of the Federal Reserve decision makers to postpone the announcement of interest rate cuts.Although they are worried that the policy is too tightening, the time to cut interest rates may be later than the expectations of market participants.The US non -agricultural employment report will be released on Friday, which may provide more clues for the Federal Reserve's next interest rate and measures.In this context, investors should be prepared to deal with possible market fluctuations.

Golden Technical Analysis: From the perspective of daily analysis, anti -pumping in the short -term is also likely to be just a short repairs. Once the 2030 line below continues to break the position, it is likely to cause a thousand miles in the later period. At presentAnti -pumping, but the top -bottomed conversion on the top will be maintained near 2053. Any anti -pumping opportunity before the position is not broken and standing on this position. Yesterday fell again.Our expectations, then from the daily line, the short -term shadow in the short -term showing four consecutive yin and piercing the position of the middle track, but there is still a certain support in this position, and the current pressure level is maintained at yesterday's beautiful market yesterday.The anti -pump high 2048 front line. From the current market, after the daily map to the downward trend line, it bounces out of the back pressure on Tuesday.The downlink, from the structural point of view, the shortness of the sun has not changed. It is currently supporting the 30th antenna. Because there are signs of correction for too fast decline, the momentum that continues to fall further after the correction still exists.The acceleration line of the end of the end has not been broken, which also indicates that today's 2030 front line will be tested repeatedly, and the acceleration line is not high in personal expectations.In summary, Wang Enlightenment suggested in the short-term operation of the golden-term operation next week that it is mainly based on a rebound high altitude, and the low-step low is supplemented. The short-term focus on the top of the 2050-2055 front-line resistance, and the short-term focus on the first-line support of 2030-2025.Regarding today's operation, Wang Qimeun Online WQM56778 guidance has been announced in the circle of friends, and every day, it will give the Asian disk, European, and American market analysis and operation direction on the guidance of WeChat. The accuracy rate is more than 90 %.EssenceAt present, friends who are interested in foreign exchange investment in gold and silver (paper gold/silver, T+D gold/silver), friends who have just entered the gold market but have been severely shrinking, and friends who have not returned.You can talk to Wang Qimeun.


The market is ever -changing every day. We have a strong analysis team to make a deep judgment. It is necessary to ensure that each order can be profitable!Do not want to get rich overnight for two to three orders every day, just ask for a bag!The profit is very good.One day or two is luck, what about that week?What about two weeks?Whether it is in the circle or group development strategy, or major financial websites, team teachers are the current price shouting!The daily analysis team's technical guidance group announces the daily market trend push in real time. The real -time current price is called, well -founded, open, public, and free to enter the group experience inspection!

Non -myself customers provide general directions and expectations. Every day, I will update the trend analysis and operating ideas in the circle of friends every day. Those who need to examine their strengths can be seen.If you do n’t charge, you can operate with the real market when you think about it. I feel that I ca n’t help you or you have any questions. If you have any questions, you will continue to investigate, so as not to delay everyone's time. After all, time is valuable, not used to waste.                              

Teacher Wang Qimeng is not 100%correct here, only steady operation ideas.To do a trend in Okura, Xiaocang is the band, and control the proportion by himself.There is no investment without making money, only unsuccessful orders!Whether to make money is to grasp the timing of buying up and buying and falling, making money by opportunities, investing in wisdom, and professional management.

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