"Tianjin National Reading Promotion Regulations" will be implemented in 2024 to help the whole people read and create a mobile version of Tianjin scanning code reading.

2024-02-22 15:48:41 hot news

  Tianjin North Network News:Thehot news reporter learned from the recent press conference held by the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress that the Sixth Session of the Standing Committee of the 18th Municipal People's Congress deliberated and passed the Regulations on the Promotion of Reading for All in Tianjin, which will come into effect on January 1st next year. "The formulation of regulations is to raise the mature experience and practice of reading for all in this city in recent years to legal norms and help ‘ Reading for all ’ , create ‘ Shuxiang Tianjin ’ It marks that the reading work of the whole people in our city has entered the track of standardization and rule of law, which is conducive to improving the quality of people's spiritual and cultural life. " Wang Zeqing, chairman of the Municipal People's Congress Legal Affairs Committee and director of the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Legal Affairs Committee, said.

  There are six chapters and thirty-four articles in this regulation, which clearly defines the responsibilities of all parties in promoting reading for all, and at the same time promotes the participation of society in reading for all. Focusing on the brand of "Scholarly Tianjin", it promotes reading for all in rural areas, communities, families, schools, institutions, enterprises, military camps and networks.

  The core of reading for all is reading content, and the regulations clearly strengthen the supply of high-quality reading content. The regulations encourage the publication of publications that promote Chinese excellent traditional culture, popularize scientific knowledge and have the historical and cultural connotation and local characteristics of this city; Encourage and support multimedia reading activities such as digital reading, audio reading, video reading and cloud classroom.

  Reading for the whole people has a typical public welfare, and it should be geared to the grassroots and ensure that the whole people enjoy the basic reading rights equally. The regulations clearly stipulate that the district cultural and tourism departments should incorporate grass-roots comprehensive cultural service centers, farmer's bookstores, urban book bars and new reading spaces organized by the government into the library service system, carry out book flow services, provide professional guidance and training, and establish a three-level general library service system with district-level public libraries as the main library, township (street) comprehensive cultural service centers as branches, and book houses as the primary service points.

  Ensuring and promoting young people's reading is the focus of the national reading work. The regulations clarify the contents of family reading guidance, and guardians of minors should play the role of teaching by example, do a good job in reading demonstration and example, and create a good family reading atmosphere. It also stipulates the convenience for the elderly and the disabled to read.

  Improve the reading facilities for all people and form a convenient and accessible public reading circle. The city will further improve the reading facilities for the whole people in urban and rural areas, and form an infrastructure system of one district, one bookstore, one town (street), and one village (community) and one bookstore. The competent department of press and publication is responsible for promoting the nationwide reading work within their respective administrative areas as a whole, coordinating and urging to solve major problems in the nationwide reading work within their respective administrative areas, and establishing and improving the coordination mechanism for the nationwide reading work in conjunction with the departments of culture, tourism and education.