Beijing University of Information Technology holds food culture festivals

2024-02-22 15:03:33 exclusive information

Beijing Business Daily (Reporter Zhao Boyu) On December 11,exclusive information "Gen Z's Rongweilai" was held in the first cafeteria of the Shahe Campus in the Shahe Campus of 2023.The event was directed by the Food Professional Committee of the Beijing University Logistics Research Association. It sponsored by Beijing University of Information Technology and from 13 colleges, 17 social enterprises and service providers from Peking University, Renmin University of China, and Beijing Normal University participated in this time.Food Festival activities.

According to reports, this event is based on the theme of "Gen Z" theme, highlighting the characteristics of "food culture", "interactive experience", "smart catering" and "strength pets", and set up "Gourmet Culture Lecture Hall", "Non -relics,Teaching "" science and technology empowerment, smart catering "and" 100 free food for food ".Ye Xiangzhong, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of Beijing Information Technology, said in an interview that at the Food Culture Festival, the school invited the food that students in various universities and catering companies were interested in the scene, so that students could taste the food culture at the scene."We also set up a voting session in this food culture festival. Students selected their favorite tastes, and then the school canteen was sent to the presidential plan."