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EBC Group platform Foreign exchange market broadcast | Gold is Breaking newsstill the biggest risk

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  On Friday (January 5), the gold stabilized after the first receipt of the sun within 5 days, waiting for the announcement of the US non -agricultural report.In addition, Iran's explosion may also have some support.


  Data show that the number of applicants for unemployment funds in the United States decreased more than expected last week. The number of private companies in December exceeded expectations and runs counter to the labor market.

  However, a survey of Reuters shows that gold may have been tapped with the strong dollar. Recently, the US dollar plunge is considered short because the market has digested radical interest rate cuts.

  The Minutes of the Fed in December showed that decision makers agree that the cost of borrowing needs to be maintained at a high position for a period of time, which means that the possibility of interest rate cuts in March decreases.The trader believes that the probability is about 65%.

  Most interviewed analysts said that the biggest risk they endured in 3 months is that the US dollar trend is stronger than expected.According to the overall judgment, the yen, pounds, and euro may rise by 6.6%, 5.0%, and more than 2%this year, respectively.

  Golden has just walked the best year after 2020. From the fundamental point of view, the central bank's pigeon faction, the continuous geopolitical risks, and the central bank's buying is potential.


  Gold stood firmly above the 50 -day moving moving average and looks like neutral.If you want to re -challenge nearly $ 2080 in the near future, you need to win the 2050 resistance level.

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