2020 Weekly named fortune -telling system development year, month, month, and fortune -telling fortune -telling weekly fortune telling

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2020 Weekly named fortune -telling system development date and eight -character fortune telling weekly fortune -telling

Fortune -telling and divination are the mysterious cultural phenomenon of the common countries around the world.The实时新闻y reflect human curiosity about unknown destiny.Although there are many superstitions, there are no reasonable ideas.Our system is mainly developed based on the traditional Chinese Book of Changes or folk divination methods, for everyone to inquire and use it.

What is Zhouyi gossip fate?


Zhou Yi gossip counts of Zhou Yi gossip, that is, Qian Gua, Kun Gua, Zhen Gua, Zhen Gua, Gua Gua, Kan Gua, Li Gua, Gen Gua, Dai Gua, is the basic element of Zhou Yi divination.In "Zhou Yi", the gossip is translated by two or two combinations into 88 and sixty -four hexagrams, and then use sixty -four hexagrams to predict good and bad.

Bu Yizu Zhou Yi gossip is to calculate his destiny based on Zhou Yi's life hexagram.Of course, professional lifelong hexagrams are more complicated.Zhou Yi's fortune telling here is just an introduction, for reference only.


Zhou Yi Ba Zi Lifeng Gua

"Zhou Yi" fortune telling

Zhou Yi's fortune -telling is actually a wider concept, including the fortune -telling of birth, Feng Shui, Zhou Yi divination, Ziwei Division, Jiuxing Feng Shui, and so on.Zhou Yi countless.Generally speaking, predicting a person's life is called fortune -telling, and it is called fortune -telling.Bu Yiju · Zhou Yi is fortunate, specifically referring to the former, based on the Book of Book of Changes.It calculates the birth date of the 64 hexagrams you entered and the last life hexagram of the Book of Changes, thereby calculating your life and making unique predictions on your Book of Changes.If you want to test the good or bad of a specific event, it is the divination in the Book of Changes.

The "birthday fortune telling" uses the influence of the 12th house of the solar magnetic field and the twenty -four solar terms when the human is born.The year, month, day, and time of the dry branches are arranged, and they are divided into year columns, moon columns, sun pillars, and time pillars (also known as: four pillars and eight characters fortune -telling, or the eight characters are fortune -telling), and each column has 2 characters, So it is also called "Eight Characters"!