Gold consumption heat is not reduced, Gold ETF Fund (159937) is active in traffic transactions

2024-02-22 16:29:51 Express information

At present,重大新闻 the domestic gold consumer market consumption boom is not diminished. Data released by the China Gold Association show that in the first three quarters of 2023, domestic gold consumption reached 835.07 tons, an increase of 7.32%year -on -year.Among them, the consumption of gold jewelry reached 552.04 tons, an increase of 5.72%year -on -year; the consumption of gold bars and gold coins reached 222.37 tons, an increase of 15.98%year -on -year.

In terms of ETF, the turnover of the Gold ETF Fund (159937) yesterday was 187 million yuan, and the trading was active.Boshi Gold ETF Fund (159937) is mainly invested in the gold spot contract that is invested on the Gold Exchange. The gold trend is strongly correlated with the actual interest rate trend of the United States. In the future, gold may benefit from US interest rates.

Under the T+0 transaction, the configuration transaction is appropriate, which further enriches the investment method of investors in gold, allowing investors to use the most convenient ETF fund investment method to realize the freedom of gold buying and selling!

Yesterday, COMEX's February gold futures settlement price closed up 0.35%to $ 2050/ounce.Gold has reached a high level above $ 2,000/ounce.

Debon Securities released a research report that Gold still has strong uplifting motivation in 2024.First, in the context of global uncertainties, the central bank's willingness to allocate gold in the future is still high, which has long -term support for gold prices; second, the US debt risk premium center may permanently rise, further strengthening the insurance attributes of gold.It also means that in the context of the decline in US dollars, the currency attributes of gold may be returning; the third is that it is recommended to pay attention to the seasonal laws of gold and find a high degree of confirmation.