Suzhou property market: The window period will change!

2024-02-21 22:50:53 frontline information

I am Uncle Su. I have many years of experience in Suzhou real estate research and investment. I have continued to pay attention to the property market information in Suzhou for a long time. I am familiar with the house purchase policy, buying a housing strategy and school district housing information. Welcome to pay attention and exchange.

The content of the question of buying a house in Suzhou below, fromWeChat public account "Su Shi said room"Selecting questions from fans:

Question: Uncle Su, hello, 1. I work in Suzhou, and now I get the qualifications for buying a house in Suzhou, the first house, there is no mortgage in the name, I still don’t understand how to buy it in Suzhou. How can I buy a house in Suzhou?Woolen cloth?

Uncle Su:Hello, the logic of buying a house in Suzhou is as follows: The core assets of the core area of the first park and Shishan will always have the potential in the future. Second, the Taihu New City, the New City, the New City, the Science and Technology City, and the High Trade New City in the popular area section will alsoIf it is relatively large, these sectors are also worthy of attention; third, unless it is the top Xue district, house prices in the old town are difficult to maintain value.In short, the focus of Suzhou's future development must be the new city. If you have enough funds, buy parks and Shishan. If you pay attention to the environment, you will buy Taihu New City and Science and Technology City. The future potential will depend on the high -speed rail new city and the high trade new city.And Weitang.

Question: Uncle Su, hello, when I bought a house for the first time, I am very concerned about the real estate preservation. Is there any suggestion to give me a reference?At least guarantee that you can't make a big mistake, thank you.

Uncle Su:Hello, we should use "where to buy is not wrong" as the bottom line, rather than using appreciation as the sole goal.If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to purchase real estate in the core area because these areas will never be wrong.But for people with limited budgets, we can consider choosing a section around the core area to enjoy the supporting facilities in the core area, and there is no need to bear the high housing prices in the core area.Of course, when choosing these sections, in addition to seeing the advantages mentioned in the sales office, you also need to focus on the shortcomings of the sector.Only when the disadvantages are improved can house prices rising.In addition, we also recommend that you overlook the target sector from the air. We must not only see the current state of the sector, and we need to consider future development potential.

Question: Uncle Su, hello, within the park, the budget is 4 million, and you need to live in your own school district.Is there any recommendation?Children are about to be born. Is Suzhou house suitable for getting on the car now?

Uncle Su:Hello, if you consider the better school in the park, the second -hand house is better in the scope of about 4 million budgets, but the age of the house is older. Considering that the children are just born, the development speed of the park in the future, the new house should be more cost -effective. The park must be more cost -effective.There are inversion of new houses and second -hand housing. New houses are very fast. Many people working in Suzhou are the ultimate goal is the park. Now when buying a house in Suzhou, whether it is interest rate or the preferential strength of the developer, it is a better time.If you consider the park, the earlier, the better, the overall house price of the park, except for the relocation of the house and the age of the room for more than 10 years, there is no sign of great decline.

Question: Uncle Su, hello, unmarried, no house, work near Pingjiang New Town, and want to buy a house nearby nearby, it is more convenient to go to work, but after all, buying a house is a big event. I have no experience in buying a house.I do n’t know much about real estate. I do n’t know what the development prospects are here. Can I buy it? Is there any suggestion?

Uncle Su:Hello, hello, Pingjiang New City is better, close to the ancient city of Suzhou and Xiangcheng, and not far from the park and high -tech zones.There are many prestigious schools nearby, enjoy high -quality educational resources, complete living facilities, and convenient living, but it also has some disadvantages. The plate is divided into south and north. The south is developing well. The north is under development.The inconvenience of traffic needs to be improved in the later period.The development prospects of Pingjiang New Town are good. Within the scope of the "Revival of the Ancient City", more high -tech industries are introduced, more talents are gathered, there are a lot of open space, the supply of new houses is sufficient, and the development potential is huge.There is no advantage in the price. There are many high -quality sectors of 30,000+ prices, and the original owners of the original main force in the ancient city are now lost.In general, the current advantages of Pingjiang New City are more than the disadvantages, suitable for autonomy and worth buying.

Question: Uncle Su, hello, what will the Suzhou property market go now? What will happen to the Suzhou property market in the future?

Uncle Su:Hello, the current point of view is very polarized, and some basically feel that the recovery of the Suzhou property market is imperative.Some people feel that they can't change the current slump.The recovery of the property market should be a high probability that there are two main points?The first is that it is not to see what policies have been in. To be honest, the current policy does not have much itching, and it has not touched the core, but this is a signal. This is very important. What is the property market in China?It is a policy, which is available, and is beyond imagination.

The second is Suzhou as a new first -tier city. The fundamentals of the city are very good.G D P's fiscal revenue, per capita disposable income, several key data Suzhou is in front.You say that such a city is still difficult. What should I do if I can't save other cities in the city?

A short -term trend of a market is to look at emotions, not supply and demand. Of course, from a long -term perspective, it must be the level of supply and demand, but this does not hinder the middle of the middle.Heating is a high probability, but after heating, some houses, some sectors rise up, and some houses and some sections still have to return to the original shape.The differentiation of the property market is the most need to consider when we buy a house.