Last year, Beijing's newly opened commercial area was 2.4 million square meters

2024-01-22 08:05:30 Current Affairs

Traditional shopping malls have upgraded, the rise of the new business district, the rise of the new business district, and the exclusive settlement of the first store ... In the past year, the Beijing consumer market has accelerated the recovery of recovery, injecting the vitality of the Beijing economy.

The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce that from January to November 2023, the total consumption of the Beijing market increased by 9.4%year -on -year.There are 21 new large -scale commercial projects throughout the year, and the newly opened commercial area is 2.4 million square meters, which is about the sum of the new commercial area in the past 4 years.This year, Beijing is expected to open 1.1 million square meters of large -scale commercial facilities to help the consumer market continue to upgrade.

"Shangxin" in the mall fills the gap in the business district

The New Year's Day holiday just passed, and the major business districts in Beijing were full of lights and lively.Ms. Sun, who lives in Shijingshan District, did not go away, and experienced the New Year's Eve carnival at the shopping mall at the door of the house.

On the New Year's Eve, Beijing West Yuecheng extended its business hours until naturally closed stores. Near 11 pm, tens of thousands of red balloons fell from the air. People broke through the balloon, looking for coupons hidden in it.The new year in buying."This is the first time we have the New Year at the shopping mall at the door of the house!" Ms. Sun told reporters that in the past, the lack of large commercial complexes in Shijingshan District. In the past two years, Beijing west of Beijing Six Gonghui, Jin'an Ringyuhui, BeijingNew projects such as Xida Yuecheng have met all kinds of living consumption needs.

18 kilometers west to west of Beijing West Joy City, Mentougou District also rose new landmarks for micro -vacation in cities.After opening the street at the end of September last September last year, the Tangu · Slow Flash Plaza, which was adjacent to the ancient temple, quickly became a net red punch place. The scene close to nature brought a pleasant mountain life for people. More than 20 first stores provided special experiences.Listen to a music salon, join the sunset cruise team, eat hot pot while watching New Year's movies ... The relaxed atmosphere and rich activities attract many citizens to come to play.

DT51 adds high -end department stores for the Asao business district, the first LONG Street fills back to the sky area of quality commercial gaps, and the West Sanqi Vientiane Fills fills the gap in large -scale commercial projects in the West Sanqi area ... According to statistics, in 2023, Beijing's newly opened commercial area in 2023, Beijing's newly opened commercial areaIt reached 2.4 million square meters, which further filled the lack of commercial facilities in Beijing, Beijing, and Beijing. The layout of commercial facilities in the city became more balanced, and the distribution of population and industries became more coupled.

Traditional mall upgrade attracts young people

In the cold winter, the ethos are filled with youthful vitality.On New Year's Eve, many young people walked into the Box to participate in a music party. On the Dongyue Cultural Plaza on the west side, the skating rink became the paradise for ice and snow enthusiasts.Dongyue Temple Liuli Tower, which stands on the north side of the square and has a history of more than 400 years, has witnessed the new vitality of this area."Since the opening last year, it has been here at least five or six times, and every time there are new experiences." "Post -95" Xiaolin found that there are more and more young people on the streets of Chaopa.

The Box is transformed from the traditional shopping mall Kuntai Mall.In August 2021, the Kuntai Mall carried out the overall retreat; in August 2022, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission was approved, and the industry, commerce, building space and urban landscape along the streets of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission were updated.Today, the ancient commercial street ushered in a gorgeous turn. According to the main monitoring of The Box, consumers who are currently 15 to 29 accounted for nearly 80 %.

In 2023, a group of traditional shopping malls that transformed and updated brought new experiences.On the first day of the New Year's Day holiday, the Wangfujing Xiyue Shopping Center at the southern end of Wangfu Jingbu Street was officially opened. This shopping mall that had been sleeping on Golden Street for 3 years was finally "awakening."New national tide scenes such as "Yuanshikou" brand, "Ridu Plaza", and "Qiankunfang" have become online celebrity punching points. More than 70 Beijing first shops and more than 60 Wangfujing regions are unveiled.

Wukesong Zhuozhuo Center transformed Wanda Plaza, World Flower Holiday Plaza, transformed into Wangfu Jing Ole, Chaoyang Beiyuan China Railway Construction Plaza commercial project transformed into Long Hubei Yuantian Street and Laosait Mall transformed into exquisite catering gathering place ...In 2023, the city's transformation and updated commercial area reached about 900,000 square meters. It promoted 15 traditional business districts to complete the annual transformation and improvement task through the "one circle and one policy".New energy vehicle consumption increased by 43.8%

With the transformation and upgrading of the business district, more stores and flagship stores settled in Beijing, bringing a new consumption experience.According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Commerce Bureau, the city has continuously improved the capital consumer brand matrix around the three areas of the first store, the old name and the new consumption.From January to November last year, there were 864 new brand stores in Beijing, with a total of more than 3600 first stores.The old name of Beijing also ushered in expansion, with a total of 244, with an annual sales revenue of nearly 180 billion yuan, achieving "90 % of the net and 70 % live broadcast."

Under the guidance of policy, green consumption and digital consumption burst into new vitality.Last year, Beijing New Energy Vehicle Replacement subsidy policy directly drove new energy vehicle consumption over 6 billion yuan, which helped the consumption of new energy vehicles increased by 43.8%.During the home renewal event, the "Jingcai · Green" consumer coupons sold a total of 1 million pieces, driving the sales of green smart commodities exceeding 5 billion yuan.The city also identified 13 companies as the first batch of "Beijing Featured Live E -commerce Bases", and the transaction volume of head companies accounted for more than 50 % of the national live broadcast e -commerce.