"China Professional Manager Annual Report 2023" is now published and issued

2024-02-21 22:08:15 Explosion information

  In 2023,实时资讯 the decision -making of the Party Central Committee and the State Council deployed the focus on improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise and enhancing the core functions, and thoroughly implemented a new round of state -owned enterprise reform and deepening improvement.In order to promote the construction of the professional manager system, the Vocational Manager Research Center of the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council actively played the public welfare functions of the central public institution, and organized and studied the "Chinese Professional Manager Annual Report 2023" (hereinafter referred to as the "Annual Report").Essence

  The annual report consists of comprehensive articles, senior executive talent market data, salary chapters of listed company executives, corporate practice articles and special research articles.Action of Hundred Actions "Expansion Action, the progress of the construction of vocational managers system in some provincial and municipalities, the issues of private enterprises' understanding of professional managers, the establishment of the relevant standards of professional managers in 2022, and the relevant literature review of professional managers in 2022; 2020-In 2022, the supply and demand of senior operating managers in China, salary level, gender differences, industry distribution, regional development, and flow;Implement the practice cases of professional manager system enterprises; discuss the emergence, development, and construction of the professional manager system from the perspective of historical revolution, quality ability and corporate form.