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2024-01-21 16:30:07 hot topic

Military conflicts between Ukraine and Russia have become the focus of attention to many parties. However, when the conflict of Russia and Ukraine was upgraded, the United States took the opportunity to suppress Russia and launched a variety of offensives. Economic sanctions have become the President of the U.S. President of the United States.Common weapons in Biden.

In fact, Biden's eyes are not just Russia. His other goal is to achieve the absolute advantage of public opinion and further expand his influence. The "public opinion war" he sponsored was not only for Russia, but also the world wrapped the world.The thoughts of other countries' joint operations, Russian media pointed out on March 26 that the United States has promoted the fight against other European countries to fight against Russia.And it is worth mentioning that Biden has always regarded China as a key target.

However, if Biden really wants to act in double -line, this is almost unbearable in the United States, because although the Western Union is now powerful, in fact, many countries internationally are unwilling to participate in the US front.

On March 28, Global Network News pointed out that the information storm set off in the United States is not its own responsibility for spreading the facts and the truth, but a feast that has become a political manipulation and the party.As the former members of the United States Capita Gabard said, as long as the United States said a word to ensure that Ukraine did not accept Ukraine to join NATO, it could prevent the conflict of Russia and Ukraine, but they did not do so.A series of negative actions in the United States has an unswerving responsibility for the tension of the situation.

In the Ukraine crisis, most countries are unwilling to choose a team in the United States and Russia, and reject more than 140 countries in Russia's "intermediate zone" countries, and their population accounts for 80 % of the world.The 140 national field is firm, and the practice of the United States can be said to be unpopular internationally.