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2024-02-21 22:10:10 Latest News

According to Russian media reports,Latest News US President Biden delivered a speech on fighting new coronal viruses and vaccination.At the beginning of his speech, he made a funny mistake, saying that "since January 20, that is, the average daily infection has dropped from 184,000 to 19,000 in 15 months." 1On the 20th, the day of Biden entered the White House. From January 20th to the present, it is obviously less than 15 months. The correct statement should be 5 months.

What makes people feel funny is that Biden is totally enough to draw snakes. He does not need to add this sentence. The intention of this sentence is to emphasize that it only takes 5 months to make the new crown epidemic situation in the United States.Obviously eased.As a result, this made his mouth mistake even more prominent.

What is even more embarrassing is that the content of Biden's speech needs to be recorded. The White House News Briefing Room tries to modify this error, but it is difficult for those who are responsible for the shorthand to respond in such a short period of time.When he found that the presidential mouth was wrong, he had to draw "15", add a bracket next to it, and wrote "5".

This is undoubtedly the more darker and darker, making Biden's mouth mistake even more dazzling.Regarding the number of numbers, Biden often criminals, this is the case before the election.After becoming the president, Biden continued to make mistakes. He had forgotten that he was the president, saying that Vice President Harris was president.In fact, as long as you want to know that you are president, it is impossible to have such errors.

This time the errors should not be, because this number has been calculated from taking office. It has been in 5 months and 15 months. It has been nearly a year.Know it for less than a year, so this error is very low.

This reflects from the side that Biden is indeed old -fashioned. He can't keep up with his mind. Some simple problems, the brain may think of it, but the mouth can't respond, and eventually it can only make people laugh.Some American netizens will give Bayiden a support. If you do n’t speak, you will say less. Save what you do n’t need to say, say less, and less likely to make mistakes.For Biden, this is indeed a good way. Choose more concise voice and express the meaning clearly. There is no need to add difficulty to yourself.

Since Biden took office, his team has been trying to let him speak as little as possible, especially temporary interviews.Some words that have to be said, there is a litter, but the reporter's temporary question can be reminded to remind Biden.But even so, the frequency of Biden's mouth was still very high. He didn't forget the words, or he didn't know what to say. Even Putin's name was wrong, and he couldn't change anything to a terminal.