The gold content of studying abroad becomes low?It costs millions of research and research in Britain, and only find 6500 jobs when I return home

2024-02-21 21:47:37 Today's headlines

In this era, the popularity of studying abroad seems to have no signs of decline.

In order to allow their children to contact a wider world, they get more possible opportunities.

However, have you considered the return rate of studying abroad?

Recently, a netizen said that her colleague's daughter came back from Britain and spent 1 million for two years.

After returning to China, she and her 985 master's degree in a mortal of 985 found a monthly salary of 6,500.

At the same time, many international students said that studying abroad spent millions, but returning to China could not find a job.

Investing millions, the return is only 6,500 yuan/month, which is an unscrupulous sale in the eyes of anyone.

This result made her parents regret and began to doubt the value of studying abroad.

So, where is the question?Is this girl's bachelor degree just two, or because the current recruitment market is too cruel?

Is this an example or a common phenomenon?The answer may disappoint you.

Nowadays, the "gold content" of international students is gradually decreasing.

In our memory, studying abroad is undoubtedly going to "gold plating", and the purpose of gold plating is undoubtedly to be able to make a difference after returning to China.

However, this is not the case.

After returning to China, more and more international students found that what they paid far exceeded the income.

The key reason for this is the imbalance between supply and demand.

In the current recruitment market, there are too many candidates with the background of studying abroad.

All international students, whether they are 985, 211, or one, two, and three, they are facing saturated competition.

In this case, a single academic background looks relatively weak.

Not only is 985, but also the direction of the direction and the performance of excellent performance in school; not only pay attention to studying abroad, but also depends on your undergraduate schools and colleges and universities.

All good positions need to meet the talents under the screening conditions.

This is the reason why abnormal "rolls", and the reason why study abroad is no longer "good".

Studying abroad should be a process of improving self and broadening, not just to find a job.

However, under the pressure of reality, the original intention of studying abroad has been distorted and has become a "business".

In the process of pursuing education, we often ignore its original intention.

The original intention of education is to let people get knowledge and then change their lives through knowledge.

Diploma and academic qualifications, these are all the things that are attached to knowledge after obtaining knowledge.

This utilitarian educational concept has allowed us to ignore the nature of education and over -pay attention to academic qualifications and diplomas.

Studying abroad is particularly prominent at this point. Whenever he talks about who's children go abroad, everyone will not care about what he has learned. He only cares about whether his study abroad college is named and can he return to the book.

This has formed a formula: going abroad = gold -plated = make money in the future.

This is exactly why international students and their parents are disappointed.

Because in their eyes, studying abroad is a "business", and the purpose of business is to gain profits.

However, this "profit" is not as easy as they think.

No matter what the purpose is studying abroad, please don't forget the original intention of education.

Don't lose yourself because of the utilitarian utilitarian.

Studying abroad is not only a business, but also a life experience.

In this process, you will encounter various difficulties, but only through your own efforts can you actually gold plating.