Gold technology analysis: Non -agricultural materials are biased towards golden shorts, but as long as you keep the key level of 2030

2024-02-22 14:48:54 high speed information

Huitong Finance APP News-According to the current market dynamics and data,high speed information during the morning trading of the European market on Friday (January 5), the price of spot gold fluctuated.The price of gold was approaching $ 2040/ounce.This article will analyze the technical prospects of golden gold based on this information.

First of all, if the price of gold can effectively conquer the key resistance level of 2046.50 US dollars/ounce, the price of gold is expected to turn to a bullish situation.However, the current gold price is still under this resistance, and the 50 -cycle index moving average (EMA) is forming continuous emptiness pressure.

At present, the market is waiting for the short -term viewing trend in the expected expected expected. The next target price is located in 2016.90 US dollars/ounce.If the price of gold falls below this price, then the price of gold may continue to revise the short trend, and the next main target price will look at $ 1977.45/ounce.

It is worth noting that if the price of gold can exceed the key price of 2065.70 US dollars/ounce, this will suspend the short -term viewing situation in expected and promote the return of gold prices to the main bullish trend.

From the perspective of the golden daily map, the price of gold on Thursday on Thursday was a simple moving average (SMA) on the 20th on Thursday.This moving average lacks directional strength.At the same time, the SMA and SMA on the 100th day of SMA and the 200 -day intercourse near $ 1950/ounce did not show obvious tendencies.

Technical indicators are currently at a neutral level.The relatively weak index (RSI) is basically the same, but the kinetic energy indicators are still declining.Overall,As long as the price of gold can keep the key price of $ 2030/ounce, the potential of declining seems limited.

In the short term, based on the 4 -hour chart analysis, the prospect of gold prices is neutral.The gold price is lower than the 20 -cycle SMA.At the same time, the technical indicators are still in the negative area, but they are rising slightly.

For the latest key support and resistance of gold prices, the analysis is as follows:

* Support level: $ 2031.00/ounce, 2015.50 US dollars/ounce, 1998.65 US dollars/ounce

* Resistance level: $ 2052.30/ounce, $ 2065.45/ounce

It is expected that today's gold -priced trading activity will be launched between the support level 2020.00/ounce and the resistance level 2060.00 US dollars/ounce.The expected trend of gold prices today is short.

The U.S. ADP survey results are stronger than expected, implying that the upcoming non -agricultural employment report will show a stronger growth trend.According to a report issued by the ADP agency on Thursday, the number of employment in the US ADP private sector in the United States increased by 164,000, a single month's increase in a new high since August, and the expected value of the economist is 115,000.

With the release of this report, the market will usher in the non -agricultural employment report that has attracted much attention in December.According to the authoritative media investigation and prediction, the number of non -agricultural employment in the United States in December is expected to increase by 170,000, while the previous value is an increase of 199,000.In addition, the U.S. unemployment rate is expected to rise to 3.8%in December, and the previous November data was 3.7%.

Analysts pointed out that if the performance of non -agricultural employment data in the United States is better than expected, the US dollar exchange rate is expected to further strengthen.This will put a certain pressure on the price of gold.The market is paying close attention to the non -agricultural employment report to understand the recovery of the US economy and the future policy trends.