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Black Coster 12 -seater price October enclosure kit tail wing Toyota Coster General FactoryHeadquartersTelephone 13811132001 [Toyota Coster's 20 -year industry accumulation of professional manufacturers National Custom Sales Center] Toyota Coster specializes in nine, 11 seats, 11 seats, 13, 13, 15 seven sections, 17 sements, and 19 seats in 19 seats.(Full of Toyota Coster) The body length is 7.005 meters, the width of 2.040 meters, and the height of the body is 2.774 meters. The design of this body is not only more dignified in the external display, but also in the interior space.Spacies We can freely in such a car.

Factory direct-operated Toyota Coster (deposit directly to the national vehicle inspection assistance assistance to the license) Flagship store flagship center: 13811132001 Wang President (welcome to consult with WeChat)

Toyota Coster = Modifying aviation seats, you can customize according to your choice, leather seats, luxury aviation seats according to your choice, can be modified according to your choice.At the same time, we can also install a sofa bed for our rest on the journey.Not afraid of comparison with any business car.There are many solutions in the choice of interior modification on the inner curtains. Huatong Fengye luxury fabric curtains and automatic pleated curtains are within our choice.The customized customization is unable to reach any other business cars.

Toyota Coster uses an independent aviation seat design inside, and it is very comfortable to widen the ride on the ride, and at the round table of the central equipment activity, you can do it in the remote process!Sex! No longer worry about the interior of the cold ice! The hub seat position of the inner car is selected. This is a unique promotion step design. This can be described as a big highlight.Uncomfortable and increased the height of the seat, making your vision more open!

Toyota Coster modified 12 and 15 seats and 20 seats in 12 seats, adding chromium anti -rubbing strips, chromium front grille and logo design to the design.The combined front light design adds a lot of exquisite feelings to Toyota Coster.In terms of body design, 12 commercial vehicles modified by Toyota Coster can increase the color lines of the body, increase the color of the body, and make the high body solemn and generous.

Toyota Coster's external beauty gives a dignified and generous feeling, but the commercial vehicle modified by Toyota Coster also shows its own uniqueness in the interior modification.Commercial vehicles full of Toyota Coster also pay more attention to the combination of comfort and practicality in the interior design.We can choose other decorations of Toyota Coster, 15, 15, and 19 -seater, 15 seats in Toyota Coster, such as curtain carpets.

When Toyota Coster, 12 sections of 15 seats, 19 -seater, and 20 modified commercial vehicles in the renovation curtains, we can choose luxury curtains or comfortable louvery curtains. Blossom curtains can choose manual or automatic, install curtain decorative boxes, etc.choose.When choosing a carpet, we can choose a channel carpet, or the whole car is installed with wooden flooring, which is also designed according to our own style.

Toyota Coster has modified 12 and 9 commercial vehicles in 12 seats. Many people will include him in the ranks of medium -sized buses, but Toyota Coster's 19 seats and 20 seats can allow us to use their noble uniqueness.No matter what changes have experienced, Toyota Coster's modified commercial vehicle can still bring us free travel.The commercial vehicle modified by Zhongding manufacturer Toyota Coster has an irreplaceable sense of distinguishment, comfortable and practical perfect modification, and has gradually become the spokesperson for commercial vehicles.

Toyota Coster's modified business car seats are different in different grades and different styles, and we can set it according to our own needs.Leather seats and luxury aviation seats can be modified according to their choices.At the same time, we can also install a sofa bed for our rest on the journey.Full of Toyota Coster's modification will not be afraid of the comparison with any business car.Toyota Coster is tailoring in the interior modification. There are many solutions in the choice of curtains in the car. The luxurious fabric curtains and automatic pleated curtains are within our choice.The customized customization is unable to reach any other business cars.


Toyota Coster manufacturers 6 to 23 are available in the sales price of all -in -line car, 13 Supreme Editions of Toyota Coster, 12 (luxury version, flagship version, VIP version) 13 (VIP version, Super VIP precious version, Supreme flagship version) 16Seat (Super VIP version, Super VIP Business Edition) 17 (VIP version, Super VIP business version) color rice golden golden genus color, qualification certificate is consistent with the seat! Toyota Coster's modified business vehicleIt can fully reflect the uniqueness of its own modification and design. It is precisely because of this uniqueness that Zhongding Toyota Coster's modified business vehicle has a wider market.Every item full of Coster's modification can meet our needs for business cars.The perfect packaging of Toyota Coster's modification from factory to households has created the best choice for noble lining, attracting many car lovers.

Black Coster's 12 -seater prices of the entire vehicle surrounding kit sports tail wing, China Ding Coster's largest Coster manufacturer's location professional modification, welcome to inspect, Toyota Coster's 20 -year industry accumulate manufacturer's customized sales center for business vehicles for sale.Master leaders observed cars and governments such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Northeast and other local governments and luxury business modification vehicles. They have profound workmanship and are well -sold after sales. They are well received by customers and friends.Mainly modified by the Toyota Costen Toyota Elfa, which can now be modified by the customer's request to modify various models.

Toyota Costa [Toyota Coster's 20 -year industry accumulation professional manufacturer National Custom Sales Center] OEMs Sales Customized Modification Announcement National After -Sales Full Sales All -year All -in -Choi Toyota Coster 6 Toyota Coster 8 Toyota Coster 9 Toyota Coster Toyota Coster10 Toyota Coster 12 Toyota Coster 13 Toyota Coster 14 Toyota Coster 15 Toyota Coster in Toyota Coster, 15 Toyota Coster, 16 Toyota Coster, 18 Toyota Coster, Toyota Coster, Toyota Coster, Toyota Coster, 21, and Toyota Coster22, Toyota Coster 23 Toyota Costermona Lisa Edition Toyota Coster LM680 Toyota Coster Black Mammaba Toyota Costerrexas Edition

Toyota Coster's 20 -year industry accumulate professional modified manufacturers National Custom Sales Center