Why is gold jewelry so hot? Why is gold consumption so hot?

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Thehot news price of gold is getting more and more expensive, but there are more and more people buying gold. What is going on?Why is gold consumption so hot?Whether it is a big city or a third and fourth -tier cities, everyone is particularly keen on buying gold.Want to know why gold jewelry is so hot, why gold consumption is hot, let's take a look at the introduction below.

Why is gold jewelry so hot? Why is gold consumption so hot?

Why is golden jewelry so hot

Recently, the price of gold has continued to maintain a high level, and the end of the year is the peak season for gold consumption. Whether it is a big city or a third or fourth -tier cities, gold consumption is a fiery scene.

200 meters street 15 gold shops

Third, fourth -tier cities have gold consumption prosperous

In Luzhou, Zhejiang, the reporter saw that there were 15 golden stores distributed on a street with less than 200 meters. The heads of several stores told reporters that most of these shops have opened in the past two or three years.In the Wudia Road, which is known as the "Golden Street" in Enduba Dong County, Hubei, there are six golden shops gathered, and the distance between each store is less than 20 meters.

Tang Yan, general manager of a gold shop in Badong County, Enshi City, Hubei Province: There are currently two stores in Badong County. They are preparing to build a third store. The store area is now 600 square meters.Essence

The reporter found that in the jewelry shops in some counties in the third- and fourth -tier cities, the promotion activities at the end of the year were more "grounded". Many stores were promoted in front of the stores, and some stores prepared gifts to give back to consumers.

Mao Xiaohong, a jewelry store manager in Luzhou City, Zhejiang Province: Our promotion is to buy gold and send diamond coupons. The price of diamonds is not discounted before. The diamond vouchers now can be deducted, and there are more customers who buy.

Gold jewelry purchasing power leads the country

Township consumption potential continues to increase

Why is gold jewelry so hot? Why is gold consumption so hot?

With the increasing demand for gold jewelry in townships and villages, many gold jewelry brands have also poured into the township market.

Data show that the per capita annual consumption level of gold jewelry in third -tier and below cities increased from 460.7 yuan in 2017 to 617.5 yuan in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.0%, exceeding the first- and second -tier cities and national average.

Zheng Rubin, head of a jewelry store in Badong County, Enshi City, Hubei Province: There are two or three hundred people enter the store every day, and generally spend 30 to 40 orders. Consumers in the county seat value the wedding jewelry.

The continuous release of town consumption potential has also attracted more and more gold brand layouts.

Wang Ensheng, chief spokesman of a gold brand: Overall, we have stores in town in the first, second, third, and fourth -tier cities.The overall proportion of non -first -tier cities store is about 60%.

Gold brands have poured into third- and fourth -tier cities, and the competition in gold shops has also intensified.Experts remind that the brand needs to ensure that the quality is not downgraded while pursuing sales to truly build the township consumer market.

Wang Huiqun, Secretary -General of the Shanghai Gold Jewelry Industry Association: The market of counties and towns and towns is more distinctive. Marriage, marriage, and township consumers like to buy gold.In the new market, the brand must operate through its own characteristics, services, sincerity, and compliance.

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