The Sports Teaching Department participated in the training course for the 17th Sports Teacher Teacher of the Capital College

2024-02-21 23:27:57 exclusive information

From December 9th to 10th, the 17th Sports Backbone Teacher Training Course and the Special Substitution of Sports Teachers of the Capital College, hosted by the Beijing University Student Sports Association Teaching Group Scientific Research Department,(Huairou Campus) organized, the Sports Teaching Department of our school organized young backbone teachers to participate in the meeting.

The leaders and guests attending this training course are: Zhang Wei, Secretary -General of the Beijing University Student Sports Association, Fan Qinghui, director of the Research Department of the Teaching Group, Shi Haibo, Director of the Outside and Publicity Department, as well as the University of Petroleum, Capital University of Economics and Trade, and Central University of Finance and Economics., Beijing University of Technology, North China University of Electric Power, Beijing College of Materials, Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute, Capital Medical University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Century College, Beijing Agricultural Vocational College, Beijing University of Political Science and Law Vocational College.More than 230 physical education teachers from 49 schools participated in the training.

At this meeting, the award ceremony of the 6th Sports Teacher Teaching Competition of the Capital Higher School, the 4th Speech Competition, and the "Three Energy" competitions of the first sports teacher "Three Energy" competitions were held.Xie Jing, a young teacher of the Sports Teaching Department, won the second prize of the basic skill competition of physical education teachers and the third prize of the "Three Energy" competitions of sports teachers. The young teacher Liu Jingbin won the second prize of the speech contest.

In this study, the young teachers of the Department of Sports Teaching have further improved in three aspects: humanistic literacy, professional literacy, and professional literacy. In their future career, they willEmphasize more and down to enhance your cultural self -confidence, professional confidence, and professional self -confidence, and strive to become a good teacher with ideals and beliefs, moral sentiments, solid knowledge, and benevolence.

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