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Planning overview: 8 houses

Product sales: 68-115 square meters,Express information Wangshan, looking at Guanjiang, Guanjiang, three or four houses

———— The core highlight of the project ————————————

5 🏅 🏅 🏅 🏅: Fortune 500 central enterprises can be rest assured

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Forbes Global 2000 is 189th

After 11 consecutive years, I asked Ding Guangzhou to sell the crown

Three red lines 0 stepping on the line is stable and reliable

City Landmark Founder Wancang Pazhou Bancheng Poly

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TOP3, a national property company in 2020

26 years of service, the same model of Xiaoman waist/conference hall

CCTV named "Best Epotomy"

湾 Core location: Bay Area Zhongxin, District Government Center and Financial Island CBD Double Core Convergence

Nansha is located in the Bay Area Geometry Center. The deputy center of the city of Guangzhou, the national new district and free trade zone, combines multiple strategic positioning. In June 2022, the State Council issued "the overall plan for the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Comprehensive Cooperation of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao," in the State Council.The only Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao comprehensive cooperation zone with the world.

Jinzhou Jiamen City: Business Office and Science and Technology Innovation Gathering Area. It is the administrative center, business center, cultural center, and residential center of Nansha. It gathers 70%of Nansha's headquarters enterprises and gather 80%of Nansha's mature facilities.

Pearl Bay CBD: Lingshan Island Tsimo Business District+the first international financial island in the country. The most planned energy level in the seven major areas of Nansha.The scale builds over 100 billion yuan, relying on Nansha's multi -planning benefits to create a second Pearl River New City.

BleakMature supporting facilities: enjoying clothing, food, residence

站 Transportation: By the double subway station, quickly reach Paizhou

Metro: The distance from the Flying Sand Corporal/Guanglong Metro Station is 900 meters. Double subway station in front of the house, one stop to Golden State, two stations to Jiaomen to transfer Line 22 to connect to Line 3/18, connect to Qingsheng Hub, To about 50 minutes to Pazhou/Financial City CBD, plan 4 subway lines to gather in the future (Line 4/15/22/38)

Self -driving: The cross -river tunnel of the Mingzhuwan District (expected to be completed at the end of 2025) has arrived at the pearl Bay CBD Lingshan Island tip and Hengli Island tip of the Pearl Bay.

龄 Education: One -stop full -age segment elite education

Within 1 kilometer, it covers the Nansha District Bay Area Experimental Kindergarten+provincial-level nine-year consistent system of Guangzhou Foreign Languages School. Jinlong Primary School, Nansha Experimental Primary School, Nansha First Middle School, Guangzhou Foreign Language School and other high-quality schools, enjoy 3-18The year -old high -standard full -age education system.

Affiliated to Guangzhou Foreign Language School: The provincial level is about to be expanded to 60 years of 9 years.

Guangzhou Foreign Language School: One of the first seven foreign language schools in the country, with a bachelor's 100縛graduate rate.

Medical: 4 Hospitals of Three Hospitals

10 minutes from driving to the Nansha Hospital (operation) of the First People's Hospital of Guangzhou, the First People's Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University (Nansha) First People's Hospital, the Guangzhou Women's and Children's Medical Center (upcoming operation), the Guanghua Stomatoscopy Hospital (PlanningMiddle) Four three hospitals surrounded.

生 Natural Resources: Urban Ecological Landscape Axis

The project is backed by the national Huangshan Lulin Park. The high -rise high -rise south of the south is 800 meters wide Jiaobiamen River water channel.

: Leisure and entertainment: 80%of Nansha's purely mature supporting resources

It is located in Jinzhou-Jiaomen Center District. Within 3 kilometers, libraries, stadiums, museums, Museums, Wanda Plaza, Huahui Plaza, Jinzhou Xintiandi, Star River Cocopark (under construction) and other urban living facilities to meet mid-to-high-end shopping in all aspectsDemand; the community contains the theme commercial district, and the door of the house can enjoy a convenient life.

(The renderings are for reference only)

Industry: One River across Pearl Bay, International Financial Island

Jinzhou Jiaomao gathered 70%of the Nansha enterprises, and the world -class financial supporting facilities in the starting area of the Pearl Bay are settled. Many Fortune 500 and headquarters enterprises enter.The Introduction to the International Financial Forum (IFF) permanent site, the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area Commercial Bank, and the Guangzhou Digital Exchange and other heavyweight supporting facilities are the focus of global finance in the future.

鲁 Project planning: Next to Huangshan Lu National Forest Park, 100,000 square meters of luxury quality residential areas!

Hotel -level home -respecting courtesy: hotel -style entrance, the door to the door of the house, the triple return home, the atmospheric city interface, create a solemn ritual sense

(The renderings are for reference only)

Landscape pool -outdoor vacation pool: about 360 square meters of adult swimming pool+about 60 square meters of children's swimming pools, set up independent locker rooms to ensure privacy while taking into account both functionality; add leisure lounge chairs to provide diverse community leisure communication space.

(The renderings are for reference only)

All -year -old humanistic community: Poly's full life cycle Well gathering community to create one axis, one heart, two rings, six major scenarios, the theme of comfort art gardens

Shared Social Trade Place

Parent -child amusement space (the renderings are for reference only)

Super gravity living room (renderings for reference only)

BleakUnit type: Nansha scarce apartment, sell one less!

Poly's fifth generation high practical & comfortable product, 68-115 square meters of high practicality is comfortable, three to four, new launch!

一 【68㎡ three-bedroom and one guard-low total price on the car】

Rare and low thresholds get on the car. The same features on the market are 10 squares, saving half of the down payment

The function is full of small units, and the first place is preferred

+1 room high -extension space can create a multi -functional room

Overlooking the landscape of the Lulin of Huangshan in the north, there is no obstructive vision

两 【85㎡ three-bedroom and two guards-Four Kaijiefang faces south】

The south -facing garden landscape, the high -wide building is wide and the field of vision is wide

+1 room high -extension space can create a multi -functional room

Four open rooms facing south, high light transparency comfortable

两 【115㎡ four-bedroom and two guards-usage rates exceed 90 %】

More than 6 meters of luxurious balcony, looking at the garden landscape in the community

U -shaped kitchen, scientific layout, wash and stir -fry

The dining room is integrated, the north and the south are transparent, and the lighting is good