Beijing Chaoyang International Light Festival stimulates the vitality of urban consumption

2024-02-21 21:54:49 exclusive information

A few days ago,热门事件 the 21 -day 2023 Beijing International Chaoyang Light Festival ended.With the help of the Lighting Festival integrating cultural and business travel resources, Chaoyang District has created a fun, easy -to -visit, and delicious "24 -hour" living circle, which further stimulated urban consumer vitality, and the sales of key business districts were nearly 2.1 billion yuan.

During the Lighting Festival, more than 100 "light and shadow+" consumption activities in Chaoyang District Organization District carried out unique consumer activities such as the anniversary of the Hei Shenghui, the Yueyue Light Festival, and the Yansha Friendship Mall shopping season, driving the mallRealize the growth of sales and passenger flow.Beijing SKP, Blue Harbor, The Box, Sanlitun Taikoo Li, Chaoyang Yuecheng and other key business districts exceeded 10 million people, an increase of 31%from the daily passenger flow, forming sales of nearly 2.1 billion yuan, an increase of more than 23 in 2019, a year -on -year increase of more than 23%.

The gorgeous lights not only light up the night's night, but also enrich people's night tour experience.During the Lighting Festival, the cultural tourism map and theme tour route was launched, including 5 major sectors, 80 entertainment activities including indulgent singing journey, roaming music journey, tasting drama journey, enjoying the cultural journey, leisure and joyful journey,, Bring a diverse travel experience to the public.

Since the opening of the Lighting Festival, the Ousenanan Garden, one of the main carrying areas, has exceeded 440,000 in the park, with a maximum number of people entering the park in a single day of 64,000.TEAMLAB, Langyuan Static and other cultural travel places attract 820,000 tourists, achieving operating income exceeding 13 million yuan.From 11th to December, the total number of nights of the accommodation industry in Chaoyang District increased by 30%year -on -year, and more than 20 hotels around the key areas of the Light Festival reached 288 million yuan, an increase of 15%year -on -year, and the lighting festival enables the night economic roleHighlighting.

The rising sun at night is not only easy to visit, but also food.Sanlitun and Liangma River, such as the "Night Jingcheng" consumer landmarks, are dreaming of dreaming with the Light Festival, optimize catering services, enhance the "face value" of the restaurant, and create a high -value photography punch -in atmosphere for citizens.The sales of catering in the blue harbor business district increased by 80%year -on -year.As an important part of the Lighting Festival, the Michelin Food Festival and the Ceter Food Carnival invited more than 20 Michelin restaurants and nearly a hundred popular catering brands to participate. Nearly 30,000 people experienced the "Stars on the Tongue" with Star Kitchen.